Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (6.14.22)

Opening statement:

“Good to see everybody. Really good work out there. With this being the mandatory minicamp, obviously have the full roster out there. Great to get some solid situational football work again in the red zone and third down. I just think what we are doing as coaches is really challenging the players. We are putting a lot in each day this week. Mentally, this is taxing them, and that is by design. It should be hard and they should have to spend extra time because we are just trying to prepare them for in-season how you have a lot in that gameplan. A challenging day but a good day’s work. Now we will go back inside and have some more meetings and a walkthrough later.”


On whether Browns coaches have reached the point where they adjust how many snaps QB Jacoby Brissett takes during practice: 

“I would say we are waiting on more information going into the season. We are not at that point yet.”


On what the Browns like best about Brissett and confidence Brissett can win as a starting QB: 

“I do have confidence in Jacoby. He has played a lot of football for a young player. He is a smart player. He takes care of the football. Good size, can make all of the throws and those type of things. He has been in multiple offenses. Our offense is a little bit different than what he has done previously but has a really, really good understanding of football – football intelligence that is – so I just think he is a really good operator.”


On if the NFL has given the team any idea of when a ruling about potential discipline for QB Deshaun Watson may occur:

“Not today, no.”


On T Jack Conklin’s recovery process and if the hope is that Conklin will be fully ready by training camp: 

“We will see on training camp, but he has been here every day. He is working really really hard. I think he is transforming his body. I think he is getting stronger. As you know, Jack has attacked this rehab, but him being here and being around his teammates has been important. Where that looks, I do not know, but I am very confident that he is on schedule.”


On how important Conklin is to what the team wants to do: 

“Jack is somebody who we really value as a player and certainly as a teammate. He is a tough football player and important to what we do, and we will be excited when he can get back.”


On how Browns players are handling the uncertainty of potential discipline by the league for Watson: 

“I think we have kind of talked about that earlier where these guys are professionals and they have to deal with whatever is going on in the building that day, and you can’t have that stop them from doing their jobs really.”


On if Brissett’s career path makes him more suited to handle uncertainty: 

“He has had some interesting experiences in his young career – just through New England and what happened in Indianapolis with Andrew Luck retiring – so he certainly has had an action-packed or ton of experiences packed into that short career.”


On confidence in QB Joshua Dobbs potentially entering the season as the No. 2 QB: 

“Dobbs had some really nice moments out here today. He has played good football and played good football at a big program in college. Very smart as we all know. Dobbs is doing a nice job.”


On reacting to additional civil suits being filed against Watson: 

“With that, I am going to be consistent with what I have told you before and I am just going to let that situation play out.”


On if he is individually affected when learning of new civil suits being filed against Watson: 

“I am not going to get into those type of things. I would just tell you, every single day, I am trying to make sure that we focus on what is in front of us.”


On what he says to the team regarding the uncertainty around potential NFL discipline for Watson: 

“I think with anything that is happening outside of our building, we have been very consistent with our team in making sure that we focus on our job when we walk in the building. This situation or any situation you name it, you have to make sure that you have a job to do when you are here, and that is really what we are trying to do.”


On S Grant Delpit’s performance in practice today and during the offseason program:

“Grant has been really good. He has done a very nice job. I think he has a really good understanding of what we are trying to do, which is half of the battle. You can play fast when you know what you are doing. He looks really smooth in and out of his transitions. You saw him make a play on the ball [for an interception] so he is doing a really nice job.”


On if the Browns ever considered cancelling veteran minicamp or if the team always had something in mind it wanted to specifically accomplish during this period of the offseason program:

“I like this offseason. I like when you have players here and you can get work done. No, [cancelling minicamp] was not a consideration.”


On WR Jakeem Grant:

“He is battling through an injury right now, but to date, he has looked really good in drills and provides that spark and brings something to the table in the return game, which we are excited about.”


On Grant’s injury:

“He is working through it, but it is not long term.”


On how the Browns coaching staff evaluates practice film from the offseason program, given it is the first full in-person offseason program since becoming head coach:

“The first thing you have to realize is the way the rules are written, it is not written for the offensive and the defensive line. There are no pads on. There is no contact. The rules are not written to have a ton of runs in your program because you just can’t have contact. It is harder to evaluate the offensive and the defensive lines certainly in a program like this. Having said that, I think they are getting a ton of great work in their individual periods and then you can evaluate their alignment, assignment and those type of things. For us really in total, when you are out there and you are practicing, the defense does a really nice job of taking care of the offense when the ball is in the air. We do not want any collisions so you will see a defensive back make a break on a ball and pull up knowing that he does not want even a pass breakup – we do not want that because we do not want contact. In this day and age and where we are as a football team and where we are here in June, we want to make sure that we practice really hard and practice really smart.”


On Watson potentially planning another player-organized workout session:

“I can’t speak to that because I am not invited again (laughter). During that dead period, we really do not have contact with the players once that Thursday hits until their report date, but they have to spend time on it – that is both individually, and if you can collectively, that is great. We are really looking forward to wrapping up this offseason program, but that window in between those four or five weeks are so important to make sure that you are coming into training camp in the best shape of your life.”


On if the Browns are better as a team now at this point in the year compared to previous seasons, understanding it is the first full in-person offseason program:

“I think that is so hard to say. It is different having practice out there like we are doing. I would tell you that we have covered way more ground as an offense, defense and special teams. We have been able to install more. We have been able to get more reps at concepts, which I think is really beneficial, but that is no different than the rest of the league, as well. All 32 teams have that luxury this season, but for various reasons, we have not over the last couple.”


On if the thought that this year’s team is going to be the best team he has had since becoming head coach has crossed his mind:

“I do not really think of it in those terms. I really think about what we have going on that day. Certainly, you are always excited going into any season with your guys and you are trying to figure out ways that you are going to win on Sundays in the fall, but for right now, we are really focusing on the work.”


On goals for the team’s trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and practice at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium:

“It is equal parts a team building opportunity. We will still practice down there – it will be short. I know it is going to be hot tomorrow. I think we will get a lot done. Just the bus ride down, there are some things that we can do together, which it is nice to be able to ride buses without masks. I just think it is a great opportunity to be around the team, be around each other and then learn – learn about the guys who have come before us, which I think is just so important.”


# # #


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