Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (12.24.22)


Opening statement:

“Fought to the end there and didn’t come through in the end. Battled that team and knew it was going to be that type of a game, but ultimately, didn’t come through at the end. That is really tough and disappointing.”


On running 31 passes and 31 rushing plays with the weather conditions:

“Just obviously each time trying to put our guys in position. Couple of times you had the wind, you are trying to throw possession throws. Felt like there were some opportunities both in the run and the pass. We just didn’t come through.


On what occurred on the fourth-and-2 pass that fell incomplete:

“I have to go back and look specifically.”


On how QB Deshaun Watson handled the cold weather conditions:

“Those are tough conditions. They are tough for both teams. I know we want to make plays. I know he did make a few plays. We just ultimately didn’t make enough of those. Those were the conditions. It was what it was.”


On if drops near the end of the game were related to the tough weather conditions:

“It is tough. Obviously as you know, it is not ideal conditions, but our guys, they hold themselves to a high standard. We expect to make plays.”


On if the wind was more helpful throwing the ball in one direction or the other:

“Away from the Dawg Pound.”


On how much the wind affected the Browns pass game going towards the Dawg Pound:

“The wind was significant so it definitely factored into a lot of today.”


On being eliminated from playoff contention:

“Obviously, you are disappointed with that. I know our focus won’t change for next week. We are in the business to go down there [to Washington] and try to get a win next week. Obviously, that is disappointing.”


On the Saints running game having some success today against the Browns defense:

“It was a couple drives there where they had their success it felt like and didn’t get them off the field on some long drives.”


On if Watson changed the play on the fourth-and-2 pass that fell incomplete:

“No, he did not change anything about the play. No.”


On if WR Donovan Peoples-Jones not having his best game of the season was due to weather conditions:

“It is hard for me to say right now. Again, you are right the conditions aren’t ideal. Both teams had to play in it. You have to find a way.”


On RB Nick Chubb’s performance:

“Nick ran hard. I feel like a couple second-and-shorters, we didn’t come through when we have to to keep moving the chains. That was disappointing, but those guys fought like crazy.”


On Watson’s interception:

“I have to look at it. I know it was one of those bang-bangs when the ball gets tipped up in the air, but I would have to look at it.”


On if the cold temperature was a factor, given comments about the wind’s impact:

“I think that is always a factor, but I think the wind was more of a factor in that game.”


On there being some snow on the field during pregame and the game:

“It was covered by the tarp so they pulled the tarp off today. I think it is a condensation type thing.”


On if the field was more slippery than expected:

“It was soft. Again, regardless, both teams are playing in the same conditions so it is fair.”


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