Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (12.22.22)


Opening statement:

“Good work out there on the practice field. Have another good day tomorrow with meetings and with walkthrough. Ready for a great challenge for us at our place and a good football team. We know all of the unique challenges that this football teams presents offense, defense and special teams so we really have to be on point.”


On RB Nick Chubb and DE Myles Garrett not being listed with an injury designation for Saturday’s game:

“Looked normal [in practice]. Nick looked good. Myles is feeling better. They look normal.”


On how much pregame warmups will play a factor into the team’s decisions with the passing and kicking games on Saturday:

“I think it is all part of it. All of the work you do even before those – the pre-pregame warmups, if you will – those guys get a lot of work in before we are all out there. The quarterbacks, receivers and tight ends, they throw before the true pregame so you get a good feel through the morning.”


On if the Browns will enter this week’s game with more two-point play options due to the weather conditions and potential challenges with PATs:

“Most teams, most of your inside the 5 calls can be two-point plays. Whether you list one two-point play but you also say, ‘Hey, I could call all five of these other plays.’ I don’t know that you carry a bunch more, maybe one or two, and then see what the game calls for.”


On if Browns players have to wear different cleats due to the expected weather conditions:

“Footwear is definitely a part of it for us. When you get down there – it is really like when you go on the road and you are playing on a new turf that you don’t know – you bring extra cleats and you look at what might [be best]. You might need to go with a little longer one based on how the field is responding. We will see when we get down there.”


On TE David Njoku planning to conduct pregame warmups shirtless despite the frigid temperatures:

“We have educated everybody when you get into these type of games, whatever it is or whatever the unique part of the game is you make sure you are educating your players, and we will do that. Ultimately, these guys know their bodies.”


On if the Browns expect to fully activate C Ethan Pocic from injured reserve for Saturday’s game:

“He looked like himself [in practice]. He will be fully activated.”


On the weather forecast calling for one of the coldest games in Cleveland:

“Again, this is the great part of our league is you have games that you get to play in different conditions. Sometimes you play and it is real hot. Sometimes you play and it is windy and it is real cold or whatever it is. The truth of the matter is the conditions will be the exact same for both teams so it will be about who executes and who does their job.”


On challenges preparing for a game played in inclement weather conditions:

“Any time Monday-Tuesday you start putting a gameplan together, there is so many variables to take into account – injury, your opponent, the weather at times – so you are always looking to try to stay a couple of steps ahead of it. I also know we have to get down there Saturday and see what the conditions are, see exactly what the temperature is and see exactly what the wind conditions are and then make appropriate decisions based on that.”


On Saints WR Chris Olave:

“Moves all over the formation. Makes plays short, intermediate and long. Excellent hands. They feature him a ton. They really get the ball to him in a variety of ways. Very dependable. Sudden in and out of breaks. Extremely impressed with the young man.”


On Saints QB Andy Dalton:

“He is playing at a high level. He does a nice job in their scheme. The ball comes out on time and comes out to the appropriate place. I think he process very, very, very quickly, which I think comes from reps. He is a veteran. He has played in a lot of football games. He knows how to take care of the ball. I just see a guy operating at a really high level.”


On if the inclement weather conditions impact the sideline operations for the offense or defense:

“I don’t think it makes a big difference. When the offense is off the field and the defense is on and vice versa, you go to the bench, you sit with your coach and you go over the pictures. I don’t think it changes much. Maybe you will have some more guys who after you go through those pictures and you are ready for the next series, you may stay on the bench as opposed to watching the other side of the ball.”


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