Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (12.17.22)


Opening statement:

“Really, really proud of the effort of that locker room. The guys fought all night. That is a good football team, as we know, and it wasn’t going to be easy in the conditions and all of those things. I just thought really, really a hard fought win, and I am proud of that locker room. Just the big plays in that game – there were many – the fourth-down stop on the first drive, (CB) Denzel’s (Ward) interception, JJ’s (S John Johnson III) fumble recovery, the blocked field goal, the 94-yard touchdown drive and to go two-for-two on fourth down and they were zero-for-three. Special teams coming up big with a huge punt by (P) Corey (Bojorquez) and a couple of tackles inside the 25. At the end there, the defense obviously plays great on that last drive, and the offense goes into four-minute mode, gets the first and can kneel on it. Just proud of the effort from the guys. I thought that is the type of game that you were getting into when you get into December versus the Ravens. Again, a good team win.”


On making big plays throughout today’s game when needed:

“You never know how it is going to play out. That is a very, very good team as we know. Teams don’t score a lot of points versus them. It is a very difficult attack to face. Just from the offense, defense and special teams to make those big plays again in December with what was a night game eventually was a big deal.”


On the key to limiting the Ravens passing game tonight:

“It is always rush and coverage. How many sacks did we end up with? Three sacks and then to get those sacks was great effort because that quarterback can run around forever.  It was really good rush staying disciplined and then tight in coverage. They have good players over there, and I just thought our guys made a few more plays.”


On QB Deshaun Watson’s performance continuing to elevate each week:

“He was seeing it very clearly. I thought for the most part we protected really well. I thought he was very poised and making good decisions. There are always plays that I know he can be better, I can be better, we can design better plays and all of those type of things, but I know I continue to see a guy who is just getting better and better.”


On success in the running game today:

“They are really good. They are a really good front. They have good players. They have a good scheme. We knew it was going to be tough sledding versus them. Had our opportunities to make a couple of plays. Especially late in the game, really proud of the guys. We get into big, big people and run the ball, and the ability to do that in that moment is very impressive.”


On the Browns defense forcing multiple takeaways:

“We talk about taking it away. It is not a turnover; you have to take it away. Those guys did that. We talked a lot about just playing hard – just simple, playing hard – and I thought that is what you saw from our guys.”


On not being able to score more points off of turnovers or in the red zone to help seal the game:

“You want to score touchdowns in the red zone and you want to score points off of turnovers, and we fell short a couple times. Obviously, missed a couple field goals there. Ultimately, versus a really, really good defense and a defense playing at a very high level, you are looking for opportunities to get points on the board. There are a couple of times that we have to look at ways to punch it in there.”


On WR Donovan Peoples-Jones’ TD catch:

“I love that play by both of those guys. I thought it was really well protected. I thought Deshaun saw the coverage and knew exactly what he was doing. Donovan made a play once he got the ball. Those two guys – (WR) Amari (Cooper) gets a ton of attention – so there are going to be opportunities for Donovan. I thought he came through.”


On K Cade York missing two FGs:

“We will look at it. Those are tough conditions. We certainly get that. He is hard on himself. He wants to make them. We are counting on him. We will come back to him again.”


On Watson continuing to improve through three games:

“All of these game reps, they all add up. However many plays he has played now for us in three games, I think you take something from each one of those plays. There are certain things that came up tonight even from a game management standpoint that we are talking about and really talking about for the first time together. We are trying to just build on every one of these reps. I know he is trying to get better just like the rest of the team is trying to get better.”


On Watson playing in cold weather:

“Those guys wear those coats on the sideline and the bench is very warm so that is not a factor.”


On the Browns battling to get a win tonight despite not being guaranteed a playoff spot even if the team wins out:

“I think this is for me small picture. Trying to just get a win versus a good football team.”


# # #


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