Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (11.20.22)


Opening statement:

“Injury front, (C) Ethan (Pocic): a knee injury. We will get an MRI tomorrow, and we will know more about that. Fought like crazy. That is a good football team. Credit to Buffalo, but really just disappointed. I feel like we left points on the board. In the first half, we go first-and-goal from the 8 and come away with a field goal. Had a fumble, and two quarterback sneaks to get stopped and we are not able to continue our drives. That is really frustrating because we have to score more points to help this football team. Defensively, I thought there was some good for the most part. Obviously, we have to get some stops. We have to get a takeaway. We didn’t have a takeaway in that game. Then special teams, we got a field goal blocked. We have to look at that because you are taking points off the board there. We just didn’t do enough as a team to beat a good team. That is the frustrating part, but they fought. Now, we just have to finish.”


On losing the special teams battle and the impact on the team’s record this season:

“I think we win and lose as a team, and that is the truth. Now, are there things we need to do better? Absolutely. Yes, there are. We have to find ways to do it and do them quickly.”


On if the two QB sneaks may have been impacted by a change at C with Pocic out C and C Hjalte Froholdt coming in early in the first half:

“Could be. They have good players and that type of thing, but (C) Hjalte (Froholdt) has given us good reps this season. As we all know, those sneaks, we have been good at them, but to not get two of them was tough.”


On going for it on fourth down with a second QB sneak:

“I felt like it was short enough that we should still go for it.”


On if the Browns need TEs Harrison Bryant and Pharaoh Brown to come down with the ball on the two passes in the end zone early in the game:

“Yes. They would tell you that. That is obvious. Whatever we do and whatever play we get called – run or pass – we have to come away with seven points there versus a good football team. We can’t do that.”


On how Bills WR Stefon Diggs was wide open for the TD at the of the first half:

“Anytime something like that happens in the red zone, it is obviously a coverage bust. I know they had a motion there that obviously our guys in the back end didn’t do what they were supposed to do.”


On Buffalo’s running game today:

“Obviously, we got put in a two-score game there where they were going to lean on the run. We are fitting them, we are doing what we should do execution wise and then we just have to get at the point of attack and finish. There were a couple of times where if you are at the point of attack and you don’t finish, they are going to turn into big runs. Other times, it felt like maybe we weren’t gap sound all of the way across the board, but we will look at it.”


On the Browns not producing in the running game today as well as the team normally does:

“It was not good. We have been better. We all expect better. It is never one person. We have to run the ball better. When we are not running the ball well in early downs, it obviously affects your game. It affects your ability to stay in manageable down and distances, second down and those types of things. We have to look at it and have to get it fixed.”


On if the team was angry at halftime that it was trailing despite limiting the Bills and controlling the game for most of the first half:

“I just feel like there were missed opportunities. It is pretty simple, when you get in the red zone against a good team, you have to come away with sevens, and we did not do that.”


On Buffalo scoring on consecutive possessions to end the first half and into the second half:

“We have to get a stop. You have to get a stop in the second half there on third down. Again, when you talk about third down, things always go back to how things you are performing on first down, as well. We didn’t get stops enough in the second half. Again, credit to them. That is a good football team over there, I get that part and I give them credit. They are well coached, but we have to find a way off the field.”


On the mindset following the loss:

“First, it is disappointing obviously. Our guys were looking forward to the challenge of this and fought there, but we just have to finish. You have to finish the games, and we just didn’t do that. That is the frustrating part. A good opportunity for us, and just did not come through at the end for the reasons stated already, but we have to be back on it next week. Have to be on it next week and be ready to fight another 60 minutes.”


On if the Browns will do anything differently next week now that the team is 3-7:

“I don’t know about that. We are in search of a win any which way we can get it. I know these guys are putting in the effort. We just have to finish football games, and it is just really frustrating again. You never know when those plays are coming up, but early in the game you get down there, you have to score sevens. If you have an opportunity for a takeaway, you have to get it. Until you do those things, it is hard to get a win in this league, especially against a good team.”


On T Jack Conklin going to the sideline late in today’s game and if it is potentially a serious injury:

“I don’t think so. I think he will be OK. He got stepped on.”


# # #


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