Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (11.19.21)

Opening statement:

“A good week of prep for these guys. Have to be at our best. Looking forward to the challenge. It is going to be wet, it is going to be muddy, it is going to be ugly, it is going to be sloppy and all of those things. That is what the game is going to be. We understand that, and we have to be ready to go.”


On how RB Nick Chubb is looking:

“Fresh legs.”


On if Chubb is cleared and ready to play on Sunday:

“Yes. Yes.”


On if Chubb will be on a snap count on Sunday:

“I think we will be mindful of it, but I do not have a number in mind about this one.”


On the news this morning that Chubb will be able to play on Sunday:

“That is how it was trending. We felt good about it going that way. It was good to see him in the building. His teammates were excited to see him. Nick is very important to what we do and who we are.”


On how QB Baker Mayfield looked in practice today:

“He looked good.”


On if Mayfield will start on Sunday:

“He will start.”


On WR Donovan Peoples-Jones’ participation in practice today:

“He was limited today. I think we will have him as questionable.”


On preparing for the possibility of Lions QB Tim Boyle to start on Sunday and if the team reviews college tape for a player like Boyle who has not yet started an NFL game:

“Our scouts do a great job of preparing the staff for who we may see, whether it is Boyle or (Lions QB David) Blough. Boyle was a guy, if you remember, we evaluated coming out of college potentially as a free agent. He was in Green Bay for a couple of years. I feel like we know these guys, and based on who is out there, we will adjust accordingly.”


On the Lions’ strength on offense, in addition to their running game:

“Certainly, their run/pass overall selection, they leaned on the run game [last week] – the conditions were not great there in Pittsburgh last week. They are not going to be great here this week either. I do think it is going to be a lot of the run game, and I think there is multiple tight end usage. They have brought in an offensive lineman who played tight end a bunch of times. I think that is where they have pivoted to, and they had some success doing it.”


On who the Browns will play at nickel CB with CB Troy Hill listed as out for Sunday’s game:

“We will work through that. There are a couple of options, but we will work through.”


On if playing CB Greg Newsome inside and CB Greedy Williams outside is an option:

“Yeah, that is one of the options.”


On if the Browns learned anything from the three harsh weather games last season:

“Yeah, I think we did. I think we understand that ball security is a premium. All of the guys that touch it – center- quarterback, exchange, the exchange between the quarterback and the running backs and catching the ball in adverse conditions – are all things that you have to prepare for, and you have to work at those during this week.”


On if RB Demetric Felton Jr. will be available to play on Sunday:

“He is going to be OK to play. He is also going to catch punts out there, as you can see, until it gets dark (laughter).”


On how Chubb managed to maintain conditioning while on the reserve/COVID-19 list:

“You have to be smart there. You really have to follow the protocols. There is a certain amount of time you can’t do anything. Then there is ramping up period where you can start to get going, but physically, he looks good.”


On why he felt the need to restart a portion of practice when someone commits a penalty:

“We have not been very good [with penalties]. That was the need. I think some of those are so preventable. The pre-snap penalties certainly are so preventable. I just felt like the guys needed to understand that when we get in a moment like that, you are hurting the team and it affects the team when you are not locked in on the snap count or when you are not locked in on the ball when you are on defense for instance. I just felt like that was something we should do.”


On if he has seen the strategy regarding penalties has made an impact in practice:

“Yeah, I have.”


On if the Browns have made improvements on third downs this week, both on offense and defense:

“I do, but it is going to be important how we do on Sunday. I think the guys understand that there are a few things that we are trying to get accomplished, and we went about at it a couple of different ways this week, but ultimately as a team, as coaches and as players, we have to come through on Sunday.”


On if Mayfield’s mobility was better today in practice:

“Yeah, I thought he was. I thought he was good.”


# # #