Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (11.12.21)

Opening statement:

“A big challenge this week, going on the road up to Foxboro. It is going to be a beautiful day. A good week of practice. A good week of preparation. We are going to have to certainly play our best to try and get a win up there.”


On the status of RBs Nick Chubb and Demetric Felton:

“We will not have Nick or Demetric for this game.”


On the Browns’ confidence in RB D’Ernest Johnson:

“We have talked about him over the course of the last few games, and he showed in that Denver game where he had to carry the load and did a nice job. Our expectations for that room do not change.”


On how LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah looked in practice this week and if Owusu-Koramoah is expected to be elevated to the active roster and play on Sunday:

“We will see. We have until tomorrow at 4 p.m. to make a decision. We will see.”


On if Owusu-Koramoah’s performance this week in practice causes the team to lean one way or another for this week:

“He was in there for some reps the last couple of days. We will just have to make a decision.”


On DE Myles Garrett returning to practice today:

“I think he will be OK. He was sore, but he looked good today.”


On if the Browns DL is prepared for the challenge against the Patriots:

“It is going to be a big challenge. That is a very physical offensive line. They chip a lot on third downs. They are talented. The quarterback (Patriots QB Mac Jones) gets the ball out of his hands. We are going to see a bunch of different protections. It is a huge challenge, really on both sides of the ball up front.”


On if QB Baker Mayfield seemed limited in practice by the foot soreness:

“I think he is sore, but no, I would not say he was limited.”


On if the Browns have to emphasize not turning the football over even more this week when playing the Patriots:

“I do not know that it is more. We talk about it a lot in this building. They have 16 takeaways. They have 14 giveaways. They are very, very ball aware in their defensive backfield. (Patriots DB) J.C. Jackson has five [interceptions] already this season, and they play a ton of man [coverage], which is rare – typically, you see zone corners getting a lot of interceptions. He is getting interceptions playing man, which means he is sticky and he makes great plays on the ball. Really across their defensive secondary, I just think it is ball-hawking type of defense.”


On the challenge playing without both Chubb and Hunt:

“I think it is really any position you can look at and say you are going to get into your depth at some point in the season because that is the nature of this beast. It is the next man up mentality. The guys have proven to do that over the course of this season and last season. Whoever is available to us, that is who we will use.”


On if FB Andy Janovich, WR Jarvis Landry or other Browns players could receive handoffs this week:

“A lot of people want some carries on this team (laughter). We have plenty of guys, and we will be able to run our offense.”


On if RB John Kelly Jr. will be available on Sunday:



On if Johnson can handle a full workload at RB:

“Obviously, we have to have contingency plans. We will have a backup, and we will have some different guys who can play that role, but we will talk as a staff and what we think is the right approach and make sure that we use the guys and are smart about it.”


On if the Patriots running game mostly remains the same, regardless of who they put in the backfield:

“Yeah, I think so. They have a really good run attack. It is very physical. They can go downhill and run ISO. They run quite a bit of draw and crack-toss. It is a very physical front. I think they use their running backs oftentimes interchangeably, and they do a very nice job of that.”


On what makes playing in Foxboro so challenging:

“I think it is a challenge because you are playing a great team with great coaches. It is definitely a loud stadium. They do a great job there. We are going to have to be on point in terms of handling the road environment, but the challenge is going up against a great team.”


On if the Patriots defense may approach the game differently with Chubb out:

“Hard for me to say. They run a varied scheme on defense so we really have to be prepared for anything they do.”


On DE Myles Garrett saying he wants to be legendary and the best of his generation and if it is rare for a player to openly express those sentiments:

“I have spoken to Myles about those type of things, and he works at that. It is not just him saying it; he puts the work behind it and then also understands that it is a team game. He wants to win first, and he wants to make sure that he is helping our team win.”


On G Joel Bitonio’s contract extension with the Browns:

“We are rooting for all of our guys, and Joel has been the consummate pro since I have been here. He is really, really a good football player, but more than that, he is great off of the field and a good family man. We are certainly happy for him and his family.”


On if there is a potential morale boost in the locker room when key players receive contract extensions:

“I think so. In the locker room, I think all of these guys are rooting for each other. I think it is great when you are able to retain two guys who work so hard so I think certainly, the locker room appreciates that. Like I said, those are two guys who work really, really hard.”


On if Penn football can win at Harvard University this weekend:

“How much money did PJB (Senior Vice President of Communications Peter John-Baptiste) have to pay you to do that? Of course, they can win. Come on.”


On how Owusu-Koramoah looked in practice this week:

“He looked OK, but we are going to make the determination tomorrow at 4 p.m.”


# # #


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