Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (10.21.22)


Opening statement:

“A good week of practice. Still have some more work to put in and some meetings tomorrow. We will get on the airplane tomorrow. Looking forward to the challenge of going to Baltimore. It is a unique challenge with some of the things they do schematically. Obviously, great challenge. Offense, defense and special teams, well coached. Understand the challenge and the task at hand, and I think the guys are excited about the opportunity.”


On DE Jadeveon Clowney being listed as questionable and how Clowney looked in practice this week:

“Practiced a little bit yesterday and a little bit today. I would say he is looking like himself. He is getting better, but I am going to continue to monitor that throughout the weekend.”


On if the Browns expect to activate LB Deion Jones to the 53-man roster prior to Sunday’s game:

“I think it is trending that way. He has done a nice job. Getting him more and more in practice. We will see as we get to gameday what that looks like.”


On if the Browns will potentially elevate WR Chester Rogers to the 53-man roster again this week:

“All of those roster type of things are fluid decisions, and we will kind of wait to make those announcements.”


On if CB Denzel Ward remains in concussion protocol:



On if Ward has been in the building this week:



On if DE Isaac Rochelle sustained an injury in practice yesterday or today:

“I think it was yesterday, maybe late. He is working through it. He practiced today.”


On S John Johnson III commenting to S Grant Delpit about it being one of Delpit’s worst games of the season and if there are any concerns about Delpit’s confidence moving forward:

“For all of our players, this season is long, and you are going to have some games that you like, same games that you don’t like, some plays that you want back and those type of things. I think that is very natural for all of the players and young players. You just have to keep battling and understand that you have to put in and it is really just focusing on the work, focusing on the work week and then go out and perform on Sunday.”


On the team’s confidence that Delpit can bounce back from the performance:

“I have seen it in games and seen it in practice.”


On if the team is satisfied with effort when watching game film and if issues recently are more related to technique and execution:

“Effort is there. Rarely would question players’ effort because they put themselves through a lot to make it to the games and they push through games. We just have to play clean football. You have to play sound football on offense, defense and special teams. That has been a big focal point for us this week is making sure that we have 11 guys doing their job on each play.”


On Johnson’s comment earlier this week about young Browns players remaining focused on the task at hand even when outside of the building:

“For us, the focus is always on the work week and making sure that you are getting all of the work done that you need to get done. I think I mentioned it earlier this week, we do want to do our job. We also want to do more. You want to find out if there is more that you can do for this football team – that is players, coaches and staff. That has been the main focus for us, and guys have done a nice job.”


On if Johnson’s comment came from potentially noticing an issue or simply that everyone needs to look at everything when desired results are not being produced:

“I talked to John and the leadership group, and I talked to the veterans about it. It is really coming from we just need to do more at every position on offense, defense and special teams. I know what John aid about young players, and I think that is true of every single team. You need players to continue to get better, and you need them to continue to learn how to work and those type of things.”


On the significance of this week’s game against the Ravens, given it is a division game following three consecutive losses:

“As you know, we kind of put the blinders on and focus on that game that is right in front of you. Like I mentioned, it is a great opportunity. We are on the road, a division opponent. We know what the standings are and all of those things – I get all of that – but the focus is really to go down there and play good, clean football.”


On if there is disappointment that the team’s commitment to building team bonds and chemistry during the offseason and training camp has not necessarily translated on the field at this point of the season:

“No, I am not disappointed. I am disappointed in our record. I am disappointed that you don’t win more games and that type of things at this point. That is a woulda-coulda-shoulda. In terms of chemistry and those type of things, no.”


On the Ravens pass rush:

“They have good players, big, long players – (Ravens DE) Calais Campbell, No. 99 (Ravens OLB Odafe Oweh). (Ravens OLB) Justin Houston who is savvy as they come. (Ravens DT Justin) Madubuike is explosive. They have just a bunch of good players, relentless rushers. They rush well together. There is discipline in how they attack the quarterback.”


On the challenges in trying to limit QB Jamar Jackson’s connection and production with TE Mark Andrews:

“Again, everybody goes into those games trying to stop No. 89. He is a great player. He is really good with his physical stature. He is good at separating. He is good at finding space in zone. So much of it is trying to slow him down and not give up those big explosive plays.”


On if the Browns expect newly-acquired Ravens WR DeSean Jackson to play on Sunday:

“Not sure. I don’t know. We obviously do our work on him, and a bunch of us, coaches and players have gone against him and know the skillset. Has been a great player in this league. Not sure whether or not he makes it to the game.”


On how QB Jacoby Brissett has looked in practice this week:

“He is very committed. He works very hard in the meeting rooms and on the practice field. He has a very, very good understanding of what we are trying to do and how we are trying to be efficient and be explosive on offense. He has done a nice job of understanding howe we do that.”


On if it is the responsibility of Browns coaches or veterans to help younger Browns players learn how to prepare each week:

“I think it is everybody’s job with young players to show them the way for sure. I also wouldn’t want to overstate youth in terms of guys need to play better or learn how to prepare better. We just all need to do better. Young guys, old guys all of us, players coaches and you name it, we just all have to do more.”


On if G Hjalte Froholdt will start at RG with G Wyatt Teller ruled out:



On the benefits of Froholdt’s time with the team prior to this week’s game:

“I think it is a huge benefit to have him in there and has plenty of time in the meeting room and understands schematically what we are doing. I think he has gotten better from a technical standpoint, too, and that is just from him putting in the work. He is playing next to (C) Ethan Pocic, a guy who also got here in the spring, but has gotten better and has worked hard at it. Part of it to your point is understanding schematically but also continuing to work on your craft and getting better in your technique.”


On how a player the caliber of Ravens K Justin Tucker impacts the Browns’ gameplan this week:

“A great, great, great player. He impacts games, as we have seen. When you cross midfield when they are on offense, they are getting very close to being in scoring territory and field goal range. He is a great player. You have to know that at all moments of the game depending on where they are offensively, he is getting close to field goal range.”


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