Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (10.16.22)


Opening statement:

“Injury front, (G) Wyatt Teller has a calf injury. He will get an MRI on that.


“Got beat. It is frustrating, disappointing and all of those things, but we are going to regroup, learn from it and move on to a big game next week. That is kind of how we are going to approach it. Again, very disappointing. We got beat and they did a good job, and we also just beat ourselves a few times too many.”


On QB Jacoby Brissett throwing two interceptions:

“As you know, we put a huge premium on trying to win that turnover battle week in and week out. We have to take care of the rock on the offensive side. We have to take it away on the defensive side. We just didn’t do either. We had a giveaway on punt team, as well. You are not going to win games with that type of turnover margin, as everybody knows. Jacoby understands you have to take care of the ball, and it is as simple as that.”


On running the QB sneak on fourth-and-1 in a hurry-up offense rather than after huddling:

“We have done both honestly. We have done something similar to that. We have also huddled to your point. They stopped us.”


On the Browns defense’s coverage today against the Patriots skill players:

“They made their plays. In the back end, I know our corners were battling. They won a few times in coverage. Obviously, we put a lot on the corners today. They had their fair share of plays that they got us, but I have faith in those guys to go win.”


On the challenge getting RB Nick Chubb into a rhythm in the running game:

“Obviously, credit to them. We just didn’t get enough going early. Didn’t get enough of seams in the run game for Nick or (RB) Kareem (Hunt). Ultimately, that is on me to figure out a way to get those guys going.”


On the Browns using empty sets more than previous games:

“There were a few opportunities we thought we could have. That is something we have done before versus them with some success. Obviously, knew that they would have a counter move to that. Again, I have to give those guys better plays.”


On emphasizing tackling this week in practice and then having multiple missed tackles in today’s game:

“The bottom line is you pour everything you got each week into this thing – that is the truth. We are going to do that again this week. We are going to pour everything we have into it.”


On if the Browns will consider a QB change following Brissett’s INTs in recent weeks:



On if the Browns could make significant personnel, scheme or other changes after consecutive losses:

“I think you look at all of those type of things week in and week out if there is something that you want to do to help the team. The bottom line is we just have to go put a plan together, put the guys in position, make plays and those type of things. I don’t want to minimize this game because this hurts and it is frustrating, but we have to go put a plan together next week versus Baltimore.”



On if 12 carries for Chubb in today’s ‘feels like enough’:

“No. Obviously, you never go into a game wanting Nick to get 12 carries. I think we didn’t stay on the field enough. We had a turnover on downs and too many third-and-longs where you can’t stay on the field and possess the ball and give the run game that opportunity.”


On TE Pharaoh Brown being targeted early in three TE sets:

“Pharaoh, now being here for a couple of weeks, just felt like there were some opportunities in that package – run and pass. Could be something similar moving forward or might not be – really game to game.”


On Brissett being unable to connect on a few deep attempts:

“First, you have to look at it, I would tell you. I do think there were some opportunities, but ultimately, we have to get him going with some throws. Versus some man coverage, we have to do a better job of getting some guys open. Like anything, it is a play here, it is a play there or it is an adjustment that we make. The first thing I would do is just give them credit.”


On if he ‘is saying it was closer than the results’ show in today’s game, given comments about crediting the Patriots and needing to correct mistakes on the Browns’ side:

“No, I am not saying that. No. I am saying credit to them. We got beat. Every which way you want to say it, we got beat – offense, defense, special teams and coaching. I just know this, we have a big game next week, and we are going to pour everything we have into that big game.”


On DE Myles Garrett appearing to be hurt near the end of the game:

“He just I think banged the shoulder, but I believe he will be OK.”


On if there are clear answers now before reviewing the film about the lack of production from the Browns offense, defense and special teams today:

“No, I don’t have a ton of answers right this moment. I know I believe in the people in that locker room. I really do. I have seen it. We just have to focus on one game at a time. I understand what that looked like. I understand that we got beat. That is what it looked like. That is what it felt like. I get it, and it is frustrating, but we have to move on to the next one.”


On if the Browns planned to go for a two-point conversion and the onside kick prior to the TD in the fourth quarter:

“It was. Yes.”


On the onside kick being initially recovered by S Ronnie Harrison Jr. but then being overturned due to illegal touching by CB A.J. Green, and if it is too much to ask Green to not touch the ball in that situation:

“Listen, the effort is there. I didn’t see all of the replays. You are hoping that they rule that Ronnie possessed it before then. You would hope if it is close they stay with the call on the field, but I didn’t see all of them so I am not exactly sure what it looked like. A.J. is trying to make a play.”


On if the Patriots showed any unexpected looks today:

“No, again, credit to them. They kind of do what they do. We just didn’t do enough across the board – coaching and players, we just didn’t do enough.”


On if the Browns considered challenging the ruling on the spot of Brissett’s QB sneak on fourth-and-1:

“We did, but it is hard to overturn those spots.”


# # #


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