Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (10.1.21)

Opening statement:

“Good week of practice. Just finished up this Friday practice. I thought the guys were locked in. We know it is a huge challenge this week facing a really good football team in a tough environment. We are going to have to really be about our business, and the preparation continues into today and tomorrow.”


On if T Jedrick Wills Jr. is in a similar situation to last week regarding the practice week and potential availability for the game:

“I can’t say that he is exactly where he was last week, but he had good work in his limited work there today.”


On if he is more or less optimistic about Wills playing compared to last week:

“I can’t remember last week. I would just tell you he did nice in his limited work, but it is something that we will monitor over the next 48 hours.”


On if Wills is rusty after limited practice time in recent weeks or is where needed:

“I think he is progressing accordingly and then we will see when he is ready to go.”


On the importance of DE Jadeveon Clowney being a bookend for DE Myles Garrett as Clowney recorded two sacks last week:

“I thought he did a nice job. He has been applying pressure pretty consistently in these first three games. He is a very long player. I thought he has done a nice job. He plays very hard. All of those guys, whether you are playing opposite Myles or next to Myles, you are assuming that Myles is going to get a ton of attention, and that has opened up some opportunities for those guys.”


On Vikings QB Kirk Cousins getting the ball out quickly and avoiding sacks:

“Yeah, he gets the ball out of his hands. He does a nice job of avoiding sacks.”


On what LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah needs to do to receive an expanded role on defense:

“All of these guys earn their role and then their role grows based on what they do on the practice field and do on the game field. I know he did not have a ton of snaps with the defense [last week], but the defense did not have a ton of snaps last week. He is coming along. He is doing a nice job. He is working hard.”


On if the Browns did everything desired with WR Odell Beckham Jr. last week and if there is more the team can do with Beckham as the season progresses:

“Week to week, you are constantly evolving from a schematic standpoint. Definitely with the players, as a guy maybe like Odell, you come off an injury and there is maybe more you can do. There is a rookie and you are growing his role, there is more you can do. I think it is evolving with all of our guys.”


On if has noticed a change in Beckham in practice regarding getting healthier and stronger:

“He has been practicing hard for a long time now. Going back through training camp, I know he was limited a bunch of those days, but he practices very hard.”


On if the Browns increased the level of fake crowd noise even more this week during practice specifically to prepare for US Bank Stadium:

“No, I do not think we dialed it up. We try to turn it all the way up and what we are capable of with those speakers. That is part of life on the road in the NFL. We saw it at Arrowhead. You have to really be on point in your operation offensively, and this place is going to require the same of you, as well.”


On if the Browns are more comfortable kicking FGs from 50+ yards away, given the increased attempts across the NFL this season:

“I do not think we have changed our way of thinking. (K) Chase (McLaughlin), when you hit those 50s and when you have a good warmup and those type of things, if we are in a position where we can’t go for it and it does not make sense to punt, I think Chase has proven to be… He has hit a couple, and he has had a nice week of practice. I think it will be a game by game when you make those decisions.”


On if the strong practice from the Browns defense last week carried over into practice this week:

“The goal is to keep having that best practice every week. I would tell you that we certainly gave them the message on Monday and even after the game that the way you practice is how you play. I thought the guys had a really nice week of practice, and in particular, today I thought was really good.”


On if the Browns gameplan for the week expecting opponents to approach Garrett, Clowney and Beckham a certain way and then adjust during the game if the opponent does something different:

“Yeah, I think we go into it every week, and you play that game out and you say, ‘How do we think they are going to play us?’ and ‘If they do this this, we will do that.’ Take it back to last week, No. 33 (Bears DB Jaylon Johnson) followed Odell around in that game. They could do the same thing this week. They could put (Vikings CB) Patrick Peterson on him throughout the game. We will see early if that is what their plan is, and we have to adjust accordingly.”


On if there has been any contact from the Kubiak family this week:

“Radio silence.”


On if he has received any extra text messages from people in Minnesota this week:

“No. Truly, this is a big game. You have to go on the road and try to win versus a really good football team. That has all of our full attention.”


# # #