Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (1.9.22)

Opening statement:

“Good to get a win. Good to get a win in front of our fans. I thought they were great today. They have been great all season long so not surprised. We thought they were great. Great moment there with (Browns Legend) Doug Dieken, as well. The guys fought like crazy, played hard and came away with a win, which is what we set out to do so obviously that feeling in the locker room is what this is about. I thought the guys really fought for each other and did a nice job with that.”


On DE Jadeveon Clowney’s two sacks and strong finish to the season:

“He plays hard. He plays hard week in and week out. Very disruptive. Uses his length, and uses his power and will. Was around the ball. He did a nice job.”


On RB D’Ernest Johnson’s performance this season and future with the Browns, given the Browns also have RBs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt:

“I am not ready to talk about that type of thing. I would just tell you that D’Ernest comes in off the couch [from the reserve/COVID-19 list this past week] and performs because that is what he does. He did a really nice job fighting for extra yards. I am not surprised. Just a very, very dependable player.”


On his meeting with QB Baker Mayfield on Friday and the conversation:

“That is very, very normal. I have some meetings with all of the guys. I wanted to knock his out instead of waiting until Monday, just because you have a lot of guys I have to talk to and get through.”


On if he and Mayfield left Friday’s conversation on a positive note:

“Oh yeah. Yes, he is looking forward and I am looking forward for him to get the surgery, rest up, get healthy and all of those things.”


On if Mayfield wanted to be on the sideline for today’s game:

“Oh yeah. For sure. Yes.”


On if he and Mayfield discussed the plan for Mayfield to be the starter next season:

“Obviously, those type of meetings are between me and the players. I think a lot of times those exit meetings are where they are, where their health is, where they are going, what we can do better and all of those type of things.”


On QB Case Keenum’s performance and what stood out about it:

“I am mad at him for those turnovers – that stood out (laughter). You guys know Case. He knows the gameplan cold. He did a nice job in the huddle of getting the guys in and out. We unfortunately gave them two balls there and then came away without points. The turnover on downs, I will take that one. He ran the offense and did a nice job.”


On if he considered challenging Keenum’s fumble:

“They automatically get reviewed when they are turnovers, and they looked at it pretty quickly.”


On Clowney’s performance and productive year compared to recent seasons:

“I think he was healthy. I think so many times in his past he has not been healthy and has been unavailable due to injuries. He play the game very hard. He plays with reckless abandon. I think he was fortunate in a lot of areas to be healthy. He missed two games due to COVID so unlucky there, but all in all, he was available.”


On the importance of WR Jarvis Landry finishing the season strong with 75 receiving yards and one touchdown:

“He had some good moments out there fighting for every extra yard that he can get. The conditions were not great. They were not terrible – we definitely have seen worse – but it was certainly not the greatest conditions for the pass game.”


On the Bengals playing without several starters for most of the game and the Browns limiting some starters, including Chubb:

“I understand what (Bengals Head Coach) Coach (Zac) Taylor was doing there. Obviously, they are playing on. For us, our focus was on us and the guys who were out there and had to make sure we all did our job.”


On if the Browns planned to take Chubb out of the game in the first half and if Chubb primarily returned in the second half because Johnson needed a break:

“A little bit of that, yeah. He had a good run early and then D’Ernest had it going. We were going to try and use him if necessary. He was available to us, and then he got in there and ripped a long one off.”


On the significance of the Browns producing pressure on the Bengals today, despite already being eliminated from the postseason:

“That is stuff we talked about leading up to this game. We talked about it last night. We talked about it before this game. It is all about having something to play for, and I think there was something to play for and multiple thing to play for today. I think the guys understood that. To see them fight for each other and with each other one last time, I think that tells you a lot about our guys.”


On Chubb wanting to play in today’s game and what that means to have a teammate like Chubb:

“I have probably run out of superlatives for that young man. He is a team guy all of the way. He will do whatever is asked of him because he wants to help the team win.”


On DE Myles Garrett recording one sack today:

“He did a nice job. He was relentless around the football. Oftentimes, they were throwing quicks, throwing screens and chipping as people do, but to go get one in this last game, it was pretty cool to see that for him.”


On the status of LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah and DT Jordan Elliott:

“It was a shin injury [for Owusu-Koramoah]. We will see what happens over the next 24 hours, but nothing really of note. Jordan Elliott will get an MRI on him, and I will report back to you guys.”


# # #