HC Kevin Stefanski (9.6.20)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

On if the Browns hope and plan was to sign many of the players who the team cut yesterday to the practice squad: 

“It is, yeah.”


On the benefit of signing players to the practice squad who were with the team during training camp: 

“It is a huge benefit. I think we are lucky to have expanded practice squad rosters to start with and then we have a lot of guys who have been working extremely hard that unfortunately did not make the 53, but we are counting on them to help us prepare and then help us stand at the ready should we need them. It always is helpful when guys have an understanding of what we are doing on offense, defense and special teams.”


On the Browns’ initial 53-man roster including five TEs, understanding the roster is fluid: 

“I think the roster at every position is fluid. We just feel like the goal here is to put together the best 53, and I think it will continue to be that throughout the season.”


On if special teams was a factor when making some of roster decisions this weekend: 

“Definitely. That is a big part of who we are. (Special teams coordinator) Coach (Mike) Priefer let us know how he felt on a bunch of guys. That is a big part of the game. We want to be really good on special teams.”


On the team’s and QBs’ current knowledge of the offense and how much of the offense is in place going into Week 1: 

“We thought long and hard about how we were rolling out this program going all the way back to April in how we installed and how we reinstalled. I feel confident in what the coaches were able to get across to the players, and I do feel confident what the players were able to learn. Having said that, I understand that this year and this season is unique so we just have to be ready to put together a plan in Week 1 that we are confident the guys can go out and execute.”


On if the new practice squad rules contributed to the decision to keep only two QBs on the 53-man roster: 

“Yeah, I think that is part of it.”


On if the Browns have considered putting a K and P on the practice squad, given the unique circumstances around COVID-19 and the expanded practice squad rosters: 

“I will tell you, we have given a thought to everything when it comes to that practice squad and the roster. I would say file that under ‘the situation is fluid,’ and we just have to make sure that we are doing everything we can every week to make sure that we have the right number of guys that we will need in that week.”


On if one of the Browns injured CBs is fully expected to return for Week 1, given the number of CBs the team currently has on its 53-man roster: 

“It remains to be seen. We will get an injury report on Wednesday, but until then, I think we are going to let these next few days and see how these guys respond to treatment.”


On why the Browns OL and DL were not at practice during the portion open to media: 

“Just want to take care of the big guys. They have been grinding. They have been working very hard, and I appreciate that. We have not gone easy on those big men. I thought today was a good way to get them in the weight room. It is not like they are sitting on their rear ends in there. They are working. We took the skill guys out and got a nice, crisp practice.”


On if he had the chance to talk with S Ronnie Harrison since arriving to Cleveland and expectations Harrison’s his ability to contribute:

“I did talk to him. I will tell you, over the course of the next few days, our defensive staff is going to spend a lot of time with Ronnie and see where he is and what he is comfortable with, but he is a smart young man.”


On the status of S Karl Joseph and WR Jarvis Landry, their rehab and their ability to potentially contribute Week 1:

“I am comfortable with the rehab plan. Singling both those guys out, they work really hard when they are not on the practice field. To their credit, they have worked very diligently on their bodies, working with our medical staff and working with our strength and conditioning staff. We will see how it goes over the next few days, but really pleased with how they attacked that plan.”


On the Browns’ recent history in season openers, how much emphasis the Browns placed on the Ravens game Week 1 during training camp and the key to starting the season well:

“In every city, you are always looking at that first game – first things first. We put a proper amount of emphasis on Baltimore, and we will really dig into their team and gameplan starting today and tomorrow with the players. This is a long season. Really to get this thing started, you have to set your sights on the first opponent, but there are games coming after that one and after that one and so on. We just have to make sure we play good football.”


On reports that the Browns claimed DL Joe Jackson and Vincent Taylor off waivers:

“We will send out an announcement on that, but I would tell you that our personnel group and our coaches work really hard in identifying ways to improve the roster. We will send out a formal announcement on that later.”


On the Browns not currently having a ‘natural guard backup’ on the 53-man roster and if the team is comfortable with its personnel at the position:

“I am comfortable with the 53 guys, definitely. We are going to add our practice squad here in a minute. As it comes to all of the positions, we have plans and we have the depth chart, something we work through during the week. You mentioned (C) Nick (Harris), he has been getting a lot of center reps so hard to get him over there to guard, but we will make sure over the course of the next days and weeks that we have contingency plans really at every position.”


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