HC Kevin Stefanski (9.25.20)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

On CB Denzel Ward being added to the injury report yesterday and Ward’s status for Sunday: 

“Yeah, we listed him as questionable and that is exactly what he is. Obviously, had something there with the groin. We have a few hours here to see how he does, and then we will make a determination before the game.”


On if he is hopeful that Ward will be able to play on Sunday:

“Truly questionable. I do not know.”


On trust in WR KhaDarel Hodge as the third WR:

“He does his job. He is always assignment sound, a great effort player, good speed and catches the balls as they come his way. He really fits our smart, tough type of football player that we are looking for from this team. His teammates really like him. He is the game captain this week, and I think the guys are excited about that.”


On CB Greedy Williams being listed as out this week and LB Mack Wilson being listed as questionable after both returned to practice this week:

“We are just dealing with their injuries as they present themselves. I would not put them in the same boat. We kind of treat these injuries on a case-by-case basis.”


On if Wilson’s status will be a game-time decision and what the team may want to see from Wilson between now and the game before making the final call:

“I think we want to make sure we use all of the remaining hours before game time to make a prudent decision.”


On Hodge being named this week’s game captain and how the decision is made each week:

“It is just something we look at the roster, we look at the game and we are trying to just highlight the players. We have a ton of deserving guys, and I think what it speaks to is only one guy walks out there before the game and he embodies what we believe. I think KhaDarel has done a nice job. We had (LS) Charley (Hughlett) Week 1 and LO (DT Larry Ogunjobi) Week 2. Just have a different guy each week that kind of is you are who you send out there.”


On WRs Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry embracing the team concept and their roles in the offense, despite decreased production than past seasons: 

“Obviously, it is about the team, but I will tell you, we are only two games in this thing. To say we are exactly what we are going to look like week in and week out, I do not think that is fair. I think this thing is growing really on all sides of the ball – offensively, defensively and special teams. We are going to evolve as need be throughout the season.”


On if he has several fun names for routes or plays, given he referenced one play or route as ‘the Andy Dufresne’ during a recent episode of Building the Browns: 

“I do, and I am not going to share them (laughter).”


On CB Kevin Johnson returning to play for the first time this season:

“Excited to have Kevin back. He has looked really good throughout the week, and then we just have to be mindful of this is his first football action. He has not played these last two games so we will monitor how he is doing, but he has had a nice week of practice.”


On how the matchup with Washington WR Terry McLaurin may be more challenging if Ward is unable to play:

“We know what we are getting into. He is a dynamic football player. He is young, but he has a very, very bright future. We have to be about our business.”


On if Johnson has the ability to play inside and outside CB:



On CB Tavierre Thomas’s performance at nickel CB:

“He has done a nice job. He brings physicality to the position and does a nice job in the run game, on pressures and covering his guy. I am glad we have him because he is a versatile football player.”


On S Ronnie Harrison Jr.:

“He has done a nice job. He is picking it up. Every day, it is getting a little bit clearer for him, but he does a nice job at practice and makes plays on the ball. He does a nice job in the special teams portions of practice and the game. We will be counting on him, and we will see how his role grows.”


On how impressed he has been with Browns players and other athletes across sports who have been at the forefront of the social justice movement:

“I have been very impressed with our guys. We encourage them to be thoughtful, educate themselves and research, and then we encourage them to be about action. I think our guys have embodied that. I have been very impressed by them. They understand we have a job to do and we are doing our job, but they also know that they have a platform, and if they can affect positive change, they will do that.”


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