HC Kevin Stefanski (9.16.23)

Opening statement:

“Okay. Good work week out there. Still got tomorrow. We’ll have our walkthrough before we get on the buses tomorrow afternoon and head east. We’re excited for the challenge. Like I mentioned to you guys, a lot of respect for this team. We know the challenges that they bring based on their offense, their defense, their special teams. But really focused on getting a good work week in. So, we’ll continue on our process throughout this week. Really just the walkthroughs that we have left are as important as anything we do. So excited for the challenge. With that, I’ll take any questions.”


Amari (Cooper) [was added] to the injury report. Did something happen today?

“Yeah, had aggravated his groin, brought him inside. I really don’t have an update past that. So, we’ll see how he does over the next 48 hours.”


Related to what bothered him last year?

“I don’t.”


What he missed time with earlier in the season? Like at the Greenbrier? 

“I don’t think so. Yeah.”


How did Juan (Thornhill) look in the last two days?

“Yeah looked good. Just did individual yesterday, had some reps today looked good. But again, something that you really want to use the time, see how he responds, see how he feels tomorrow. See how he feels on Monday before we make a determination.”


We’ve talked about (George) Pickens before a little bit. But what’s the approach when a guy can make the kind of crazy catches that he does? 

“Well, we’ve seen it. He’s done it in games versus us. We’ve seen him do it in the NFL. He’s extremely talented. Listen, part of this game and every game is one-on-one matchups. You can account for them at times in zones and man, and then like they do, they wait for one-on-ones. And that’s the challenge that corners have going up against a great player like him is trying to win those 50/50 balls. He just has great body control, ball skills, all those types of things. So, we understand the challenge.”


If Amari can’t play, what does that do to your offense? Who are you looking for to step up because he’s such a key guy for you? 

“Yeah. Again, we’ll see how it goes over the 48 hours and we’ll make a determination. But that’s why we rep guys in different positions and those types of things. So if we have to adjust, we’ll adjust.”


Will you say if you’re optimistic he’ll play?

“I really don’t know. It just happened, don’t have enough information to say.”


I know we’re two days before the game…

“It’s Friday. It’s football Friday.”


Right, these Football Friday injuries are always so challenging. 

“Yeah, it’s part of it, Mary Kay (Cabot). I would tell you if we were without Amari, we will adjust. We have all day tomorrow. You have all day [the] day of the game. But I don’t know that I’m ready to say that just yet. We don’t have enough information yet.”


I mean you’re busy tomorrow, but do you watch games on TV or do you just save that for when you’re at work? 

“You’re saying the NFL games? Yeah. We’re on the bus so I don’t know if we’ll get reception while you’re traveling tomorrow afternoon to watch the games. But I think all of us, players, coaches, we all follow this league. I think so many of us have friends throughout this league that you’re following how people are doing. So, we’re always aware of who’s playing, how they’re doing. Obviously, in game, your game ends, and you ask, alright, how did this team do? How’d so and so do so? Yeah, we’re always interested in what’s going around the league.”


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