HC Kevin Stefanski (9.11.20)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

On who will call offensive plays: 

“I am going to call the plays.”


On why he made the decision to personally call offensive plays: 

“I think with any decision, we spend a lot of time thinking about what is best for the team. That is where we landed.”


On how C JC Tretter handled this week of practice: 

“Good. First time getting out there on the field in a while in his pads moving around. I said it the other day, he looked like JC to me. He did a nice job, and we will just have to make a determination as we get closer to game day.”


On if the circumstances and changes to the offseason, training camp and preseason impacted the decision for who would call offensive plays: 

“With everything we do, I just try to be mindful and take in all the information. I have not called 1,000 games, but I will tell you, when I have called it, we are very collaborative. We have a lot of people who will have a hand in this, and I am really lucky because I am surrounded by a bunch of really good coaches on the offensive and defensive side. Feel good about our staff.”


On how he feels heading into his first game as head coach: 

“I am excited about the season. I think we have a great group here, both players and coaching staff. We are just raring to go. I think we are just like the rest of the world, who was excited to watch some football last night. We are ready to play football.


On if discussed the decision of who would call offensive plays with other former head coaches: 

“I would tell you, I talk to a lot of people about a lot of things.”


On if he will wear a face visor like Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid: 

“I will be wearing a facemask.”


On if the Ravens matchup is a good litmus test for him and his first year as head coach, given they are the defending AFC North champions: 

“I kind of do not think of it that way. I put the blinders on, and I get wrapped up in this week. Truth be told, we have a great challenge this week going down to Baltimore, division champs, 14-2, MVP of the league. My sole focus is on how we can bring a team to Baltimore and find a way to win. Really, everything else is kind of the periphery for me.”


On DE Myles Garrett as a person and player: 

“Very impressed by Myles the person. Very impressed by Myles the player. It takes about two seconds to see him get in his stance and come off the ball to come away very impressed. I have had some really good conversations with Myles over the last few months. I just think he is a mindful person, I think he has a lot of very strong opinions and he comes at it from a place of he is open. I think we have just had some really cool talks. He is a mindful guy. The team really responds to him because he is a great player, but he also wants this so bad and I think the team really responds to that.”


On if the Browns have discussed their plan for what they may do pregame as it relates to social justice: 

“We have talked internally with the team. Feel really good about it, but we will keep those discussions internal.”


On if he will announce the Browns’ game captain for Sunday: 

“I will let you guys wait until the coin toss.”


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