HC Kevin Stefanski (9.10.20)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

On if allowing the media to call offensive plays is still on the table: 

“Yes, it is.”


On WRs Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr. heading into Week 1 and their rehab programs: 

“I think we followed the plan so we did not do too much too soon. We listened to the doctors, listened to the trainers, let those guys let their body talk to them and make determinations based on that. I think we have ramped it up appropriately.”


On the stress Landry and Beckham put on an opposing defense: 

“I think having two guys like Odell and Jarvis gives us an advantage there like you are saying. It is easier to take away one guy; it is harder to take away two guys, obviously. They do have different skillsets, but they have been doing it for a long time and both have been productive in their own way.”

On how C JC Tretter looked in practice yesterday: 

“Looked good. Looked like JC.”

On if there is more comfort knowing Tretter has performed at a high level while dealing with injuries in the past: 

“I think we have to be smart about every player individually with their injuries. You always want to protect the player from themselves, and you do not want to put a guy out there that is not ready. We will not do that with JC. We will do that with any player. We will trust the medical staff and we will trust the player in all of the injury cases.”

On his feel he has for how everyone fits in the offense: 

“Pretty good feel at what we potentially can be good at. We can only play one game this week, and then we have to play another one the next week. It evolves. The gameplans call for certain personnel one week and different personnel the next week. It is evolving, but I do think as a staff we have a pretty good idea of what our strengths are.”


On what makes the Ravens running game so effective: 

“Very sound. Multiple. Pre-snap movement. Physical front. Talented runners. It is a really good scheme.”

On Ravens RB J.K. Dobbins adding to the Ravens running game: 

“I think they added a really good player there. Remains to be seen exactly how they use him, but we know just based on his college he is a very good football player.”

On if he will announce today who will call offensive plays on Sunday: 

“Not today. No.”


On the status of the team’s chemistry, given limitations due to COVID-19 protocols in the building: 

“I think it is much easier than virtual. The offseason, I would tell you, it was hard. Now being in the building, albeit with a mask and Plexiglas, I think it is much easier to get to know people here. You can be outside around each other at the practice field. Easier when in person, but it is definitely a challenge and definitely something that we have tried to be intentional about in terms of building team chemistry.”

On if the Browns will select team captains this year, given the establishment of the Browns leadership committee and social justice leadership team: 

“What we are going to do this year is we are going to have 16 game captains. It will be one player per game. To your point, we do have a leadership committee and we do have a social justice committee. My message to the players is you do not need a C on your chest to be a great leader.”

On if he has named captain named for Sunday: 

“I do. Not going to share it with you. Just kidding (laughter). I have not told the team yet so I can’t tell you guys yet.”

On what CB Terrance Mitchell brings to the Browns defense: 

“Veteran presence. Good football player. Really brings a ton of energy to practice and around the building. Teammates really enjoy Terrance. I enjoy Terrance. Very glad we have him.”

On his confidence level with T Jedrick Wills Jr. heading into Week 1: 

“I would tell you, it is the same level of every single one of our rookies. They have not played in an NFL game yet. That is just the nature of the beast, and I have not coached an NFL game yet, either.”


On if the Browns will make an effort to help rookies when game planning this week: 

“I think you do that every week at every position. You look at matchups and then you figure out the best way to attack the opposing defense or opposing offense.”

On the most dangerous aspect of Ravens QB Lamar Jackson’s game: 

“It is hard to pick one, but speed would probably be the first thing that comes to mind.”

On preparing for a team without preseason film: 

“(Ravens defensive coordinator) Coach (Don) Martindale has been there for a little while so we can go back many years as it relates to Coach [Martindale]. The other thing is nobody shows anything in the preseason anyway so I am telling you, in all 32 cities, they have wrinkles that they can’t wait to unveil on Sunday or tonight, Thursday night, I promise you. That is just part of Week 1 and that is why you have to have great communication on the sideline with your players.”

On how many wrinkles the Browns have ready to go on Sunday: 

“A few.”

On how the Browns OL has been able to pick up the new running scheme: 

“I think they have done a nice job. I think the credit goes to (offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan and (assistant offensive line coach) Scott Peters. They really are excellent teachers. It is something that you start in the classroom, then you take it out on the grass and you drill it over and over and it is repeatable. You mentioned having the two rookies in there at times. I think all of those guys are working very hard in all schemes as it pertains to the run game, but I would tell you that the preparation from the classroom is really the vital part of that.”

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