HC Kevin Stefanski (8.6.21)

On LB Mack Wilson saying he considered retirement last season and if he had sensed Wilson was at that level of frustration:

“Maybe not to that level, but I think it points out that everybody is dealing with things in the course of the season. We go through adversity as a team, and sometimes you go through personal adversity. Really pleased with where Mack is right now physically and mentally.


On if DE Takk McKinley or WR Anthony Schwartz will be practicing today:

“Schwartz is working through a hamstring. Takk is excused. He is excused for personal reasons but expect him back.”


On how difficult it is to separate football from the personal side of the business when evaluating players:

“I think you are right that there is a personal aspect to this. We talk about being a family, and we try to act like it. It is difficult when you have to release players. I have said it before, I would love to keep everybody. It is just not the reality of the National Football League. Until that time comes, we are going to just compete every single day. I think the guys are doing a nice job of that.”


On the significance of CB Greedy Williams practicing in pads yesterday following a long rehab process:

“Extremely happy for him. You remember last year, he is in the training room, there is a lot of uncertainty and he is trying and trying and doing everything he could. That was a lot on him – physically and mentally – so for him to get back out here with the pads on and compete with his guys, yeah, I am really proud of him.”


On if Williams has been knocking off the rust during practice:

“He is doing a nice job. It is totally reasonable to be rusty like you mentioned. He is really working on his technique. He is taking everything that (pass game coordinator/defensive backs) Coach (Jeff) Howard, (assistant defensive backs) Coach (Brandon) Lynch and (defensive coordinator) Coach (Joe) Woods are giving him. He is working really hard.”


On Williams’ fighting spirit:

“Any time you are injured and you are away from the team, it is a lot. It is hard to go through. He has kept fighting from the jump. He is another great example of guys who are faced with adversity, in this case football adversity and injury, and he really overcame it.”


On how the Browns plan to manage playing time in the preseason:

“We have had a lot of discussions about it. As we get to that week, we will firm up some of those decisions. Certainly, something I have talked with coaches about.”


On what the Orange & Brown Practice will look like for fans:

“It is going to be a nice spirited practice in FirstEnergy Stadium. Going to fun to be around our fans again in our building. We will have a nice two-hour long practice where guys are competing against each other. We will do some red zone work. We will do some two-minute work. We will see some situational ball.”


On if there will be tackling to the ground on Sunday:

“We shall see.”


On if he is considering allowing full tackling on Sunday:

“We consider everything.”


On if it was a high priority to have a joint practice during training camp:

“I think it is always a great opportunity to go up against another team. For us, it just worked out really well. Schematically, they are different than us on offense and on defense so both of our units get to face a different unit. I just think it is a great point in camp when you are tired of going against your own guys and you are tired of going against the same scheme to mix it up and get really good competitive work in a controlled environment.”


On if he considered having joint practices with two teams this training camp:

“Like I said, we consider everything (laughter). We felt like this was the right way to do it.”


On if he foresees teams holding more joint practices in the future, given the shortened preseason schedule:

“That definitely could be in the future. I do think it is just a great chance to get two teams on a field. You get to determine what you want to do. For instance, sometimes you get into a preseason game and you do not an opportunity for a two-minute drill. Now, you can control it and you can get exactly what you want to get in that setting where you are typically taking care of each other, being safe and those type of things.”


On what has been most impressive about WR Donovan Peoples-Jones:

“He has done a nice job. Physically, when he showed up on campus here, he was ready to roll and looked great. Worked very hard in the offseason. He has been productive in practice, catching balls that are coming to him. Probably the most impressive thing is special teams – running around returning kicks and covering kicks. He is an all-day guy right now.”


On what it can do for Peoples-Jones’ future to be around wide receivers coach Chad O’Shea and WRs Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry:

“I think it is a big deal when you are raising these rookies in the rooms that they grow up in, sort of speak. To be around some veterans that have done it at a high level and to be around a coach like Coach O’Shea, who has multiple Super Bowl rings to prove it, I think that is great for a player’s development.”


On if he still feels strongly about the FB position after acquiring more talent at the RB and TE positions:

“I think we feel strongly about the position. We have to see how it shakes out. We like our two fullbacks we have – it is a competitive group – and then those types of discussions occur over time.”


On if anything has stood out most about CB Greg Newsome II:

“Similar to Donovan Peoples-Jones, he can run and he runs all day, and he gets a ton of reps. He is out there on special teams. There is no shortage to what he is doing right now. We are really throwing a lot at him, and he has been able to handle all of it.”


On how DE Jadeveon Clowney has fit into the Browns defense:

“A really a good fit. Cultural, he has been great to be around. A fun teammate. Enjoys practice. He is having fun. I think he talked about it with you guys. He is healthy so he is feeling good and moving around. Then the fit schematically, he has played in systems similar to this so it is fun to see him be very disruptive throughout the course of practice.”


On if the team puts more emphasis on the practice at the stadium and the upcoming joint practice with the New York Giants:

“No, I think it is all part of the evaluation. It is really a practice down there on Sunday – you can call it a scrimmage if you want – but we are still trying to get better. It is not time for the lights to come on – that will happen in Jacksonville.”


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