HC Kevin Stefanski (8.30.20)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

Opening statement: 

“Good to be back in the building here. Good to be on the grass. Great to have some people in the stands. We got a lot of good work done. We want to really shine a spotlight on our players and how we started that practice with their statement. I think it was just so important that they share with the world what is on their minds and what is on their hearts. Here at the Cleveland Browns, that is what we do and that is what we are about being active in the social justice arena. I could not be more proud of the guys in outlining some action items, and obviously, making it known that it is going to be something that is out in front of what we do, not just today but every day moving forward.”


On how QB Baker Mayfield and the first team performed in the move-the-ball periods: 

“I kind of look at it as it is the offense and the defense. We are getting really good work. Obviously, we have to go back and sit down and watch it with the coaches and watch with the players and learn from the good plays and learn from the bad plays. I thought, by and large, both sides got a lot of really good work in. Had a live portion of it and got into different situational moments so I was pleased with that.”


On how TE David Njoku performed today: 

“Good to see David back out there. He got lost in the defense there on that first play and made an explosive play. Good to see him back out there and moving around.”


On why officials are not being used during Browns practices: 

“We can’t. We can’t bring officials in based on the limitations of the tiers. I will tell you, it is definitely a challenge not having them out there to point out pre-snap, point out holding on the offense, holding on the defense or whatever it may be. We have tried to coach it very hard off of the tape and that is really all we can do, but it is definitely something that I wish I had the zebras out there.”


On K Austin Seibert’s training camp: 

“He has been working hard at it. You mentioned, got lucky on a couple of those to go in. I think we put him down there in the Dawg Pound on purpose kicking that way because it is obviously harder. Just going to make sure that he keeps working every single day.”


On how QB Case Keenum performed today: 

“Really hard to say, honestly, before I sit and watch. I did not have the best of angles there as the referee. He got that offense moving there for a couple drives so it was good to see. Overall, it is hard for me grade really any player’s performance.”


On where the team is in the process of getting game ready prior to Week 1: 

“I think we are where we want to be. I think it is a challenge without those [preseason] games, but that is where we have to replicate those moments in practice and replicate it here at the stadium. We have another opportunity to do that Friday night in here. We just have to be mindful about how we plan this thing and make sure that they have those moments of subbing in and out or all of a sudden it is a field goal situation and you are yelling for the field team so that just happens in the course of games. We are trying to do that in the course of practice.”


On why DE Myles Garrett did not practice today: 

“It was just an abundance of caution with a wrist thing, but he should be fine.”


On WR Damion Ratley’s performance since returning to play: 

“I think he was frustrated with that muscle injury. Happy that he was backed out there. He has been out there the last few days and been able to make some plays. What I do appreciate about him is he is locked in, even when he was not out there getting mental reps so that when he did get the opportunity, he was ready to roll.”


On what T Jack Conklin has brought to the Browns OL as a leader and if he is fitting in with the group as well as expected on and off the field: 

“I would say he is. Certainly off the field, he fits what we want to be and what we stand for. Fits in the offensive line room, which is not easy to do oftentimes. Playing style, he is a smart, tough football player. He can grind in the run game. He fights his tail off in the pass game. He has great length and size. Really excited about Jack.”


On TE Austin Hooper sitting out of the live periods: 

“During the live periods, just wanted to be abundantly cautious with him, and he is just fine. It was not anything more than that.”


On if he would consider today the team’s best day of work: 

“I do not think so. I do not know to be honest with you. I have to watch it [on film]. I think it was the best day of situational work because it was the most extended portion of that, having the guys in their uniforms and having them on the sideline with the coaches coming in out of the huddle. I think that was really important. This team works. That is what I appreciate about this group of men. We are going to need to work for 14 more days, 13 more days and then get ready to play the Ravens down there in Baltimore. We are just going to keep the focus on the work.”


On if the format of the team’s practices will change starting Tuesday, given today was officially the last day of training camp: 

“No, I do not think you will notice anything this upcoming week. We will kind of stay in a training camp mode, if you will.”

On if the practice format will change more prior to Week 1:


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