HC Kevin Stefanski (8.28.20)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

On yesterday’s social justice meeting after practice: 

“A lot of good dialogue. A lot of work to be done. We will keep at it, if that makes sense, but no announcement of any sort for right now. A lot of those conversations, as you can imagine, we will keep internal.”


On what was able to get done during today’s practice, given space limitation in the indoor facility: 

“I thought we got more done than I anticipated. That place got bigger all of a sudden. I do not know how that worked. The tempo was high. They were moving around. It helped that we had some goal line, some red zone and some backed up so we really were using that end of the end zone because there is a weight room on the other side. I really was pleased with what we were able to get done.”


On multiple players returning to practice yesterday and if there is an update on other injured players, including CB Greedy Williams: 

“(CB) Greedy (Williams) was not out there. No update on that. It is great to see some guys out there running around. I think their teammates were happy to see some of those guys and have some fresh legs, but always looking to get our guys back on the grass or the turf.”


On S Sheldrick Redwine in his second year: 

“Sheldrick is doing a nice job. Very thoughtful young man. Loves this game. Athletic. I think he is really taking to some of the techniques that he is being taught. Excited for Sheldrick.”


On if the Browns have reached a point where the team has to commit to C Nick Harris starting in Week 1, given C JC Tretter has been unable to practice yet: 

“I think we will make those determinations game week. In the meantime, I think Nick is doing a really nice job.”


On if it easier to rely on the run game when installing a new offense, despite recent Browns comments about it taking time for RBs to understand the strengths and weaknesses of an offensive lineman: 

“I really do not know. I have heard the same sentiment outside of this building. We will see. As we have gotten through the installation schedule, part of it is finding out what our guys do well. That is why we have tried to maximize as many of these reps as we can, and then within our scheme, we can pivot to things that make sense based on players’ abilities.”


On the passion and heart-felt moments he saw during yesterday’s social justice meetings: 

“You are better with the words than I am. It was great to see guys sharing. It was great to see you guys giving their perspective. This is an ongoing dialogue. This is not a one-and-done type of thing.”


On if the Browns have had to simplify the playbook, given the reduced on-field time with a virtual offseason program: 

“I would not say we have simplified it. There are some things in the spring that you try out that are maybe new to what you have done and you are putting in the laboratory, so to speak, I would say we did not do that this year, but I would not go as far as to say we simplified things.”


On if any Browns players returned from injury and practiced today: 

“Off the top my head, I do not have a list in front of me.”


On if WR KhaDarel Hodge is still out and the outlook for the team’s third WR: 

“KhaDarel was back today, and it was great to see him. I really enjoy having him around. He does his job. He does not say much. He will do all the dirty work. He can line up outside and make plays. Really pleased with KhaDarel.”


On if there is an update on LB Mack Wilson’s status and if Wilson will need surgery: 

“No update on Mack.”


On what DE Adrian Clayborn brings to the Browns on and off the field: 

“On the field, I think you have a vet that understands pass rush, good size and understands the scheme. Off the field, I could not be more impressed with him. Another guy that does not say much, but he does the right thing all the time, and when he does speak, guys seem to listen.”


On why the play-action pass game is a good fit for QB Baker Mayfield and how Mayfield has developed through the first few weeks of camp: 

“I think we will be multiple in our approach in what we do. Obviously, we want to do what the quarterback does well so there are schematic things that that we will do – I am not going to list them all. But I think he is on track. He is doing a nice job. He had a nice day in the indoor. Just like the entire offense, we just have to keep at.”


On if WR Donovan Peoples-Jones practiced today and how he has performed in training camp, including as a returner: 

“Yes, he was back today. A versatile football player. Really, you can line him up anywhere, which is impressive for a young player, and he creates value in the return game, like you mentioned.”


On if there are concerns CB Greedy Williams will be out for a significant amount of time and if it there is comfort knowing that CB Terrance Mitchell is available, if needed to fill the role: 

“Yeah, no update on Greedy. He is truly day to day. I like our DB room in total.  I think we have some really good veteran corners and some young guys that I really think they are doing a nice job. The guys are taking to the scheme. I think between (defensive coordinator) Joe (Woods) and (pass game coordinator/defensive backs coach) Jeff (Howard) and (assistant defensive backs coach) Brandon Lynch, I think these guys are really grinding them on technique and fundamentals. I think it is a pretty good room.”


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