HC Kevin Stefanski (8.25.21)

On who will be playing on Sunday:

“I will tell you before the game – I promise you. I will announce it on Friday. I want to get through these next two days. We have a plan. I want to get through these next two days, talk about it and see how we come out of it and then I will let you guys know on Friday.”

On if DE Takk McKinley will practice today:

“Takk will be out there. A few more guys are coming out. We will get them out there and move them around. I think it will be a good day for everybody.”

On if he can always hear S John Johnson III talking on the field or around the building:

“He is not shy, which is good for that position because you do have to be communicating and overcommunicating. He does a nice job of that. He is very thoughtful. I think the players really enjoy being around him. He is like having another coach out there on the field.”

On if the Browns knew about Johnson’s personality when signed:

“I continue to learn about it for sure, but that was definitely in our research and our reference work. That was something that came out – just the type of teammate he was and the type of leader he was.”

On if WR Odell Beckham Jr. is on track to be ready for Week 1:

“He is on track for today. I am not really going too far past today and the next day. He will be out there today moving around in some drills. I am not really going to worry about the future in that regard.”

On DE Curtis Weaver:

“Curtis had some nice moments in the game the other day. He continues to do a nice job in practice and all of the drill work. He just has to keep coming along.”

On if McKinley will play on Sunday:

“I would say similarly with a lot of guys who are coming back, just want to see how they look the next few days before making any determinations.”

On if any other Browns players will return to practice today:

“I think we will see. You can check them off the roster when you are out there.”

On DT Malik McDowell in the meeting rooms and off of the field:

“He has been great. He has been great in the meeting rooms, around the building and out on the grass. He is in a really good place, works very hard and is very serious about his craft. I see him making strides every day working with Coach Kiff (defensive line coach Chris Kiffin) and working with (assistant defensive line) Coach (Jeremy) Garrett.”

On CB Greg Newsome II matching up against NY Giants WR Marvin Jones last week and if he noticed Newsome was more comfortable during the game:

“I think that is natural for a rookie to get more comfortable as the reps pile up. I think you have seen that with Greg over the course of training camp and to go in these game situations where the intensity builds a little bit more. When you get beat in the game, it is points; when you get beat in practice, the whistle blows. He is gaining really good experience out there. You mentioned Marvin Jones – that is a savvy veteran that you face up against in your first matchup as a pro. Only going to continue to get better with the work he gets both on the practice field and on the game field.”

On what skillset of McKinley is he looking forward to seeing the most when returning:

I think the thing that you saw on tape with Takk certainly the thing that I have seen up close and personal is how he gets off the ball. He is very explosive. He makes plays getting up the yard, penetrating and has a really good motor. Those are the types of things that we saw on tape. Excited to see more from Takk.”

On how valuable it is to have a player like WR KhaDarel Hodge who appears willing to do whatever it takes to receive playing time:

“I think that is a fair way to describe him. He has played many different roles for us this past season. Continue to move him around the formation. he is a versatile football that is not a one-position player for us as a receiver.”

On if Hodge ever gets in his ear about throwing a pass in a game:

“All of those guys do. Every single one of them.”

On if he has seen TE David Njoku’s improved mindset and willingness to be in Cleveland manifest itself during training camp:

“I would say I see that. I think he finished really strong last season and then he came in in great shape. He has been really working hard at all of his techniques in the run game, pass protection, running routes and those type of things. I see a very determined player, and I like where David is.”

On C JC Tretter’s status after not participating in team drills and portions of practice:

“He is OK. Just normal rest.”

On how Beckham has handled the individual rehab plan and training camp as a whole:

“He has done a nice job in the meeting rooms and at the walkthroughs. He has a much better understanding in Year 2 of the scheme and that type of thing. He is getting good work in. It is work that happens in the building and out on the practice fields. It will increase as we go, but I think he is working really hard really everywhere, whether it is meeting room or stuff that they are doing in the weight room. I think it just keeps showing up that the guy is battling. He is working very hard.”

On if WR Anthony Schwartz still has time to ramp back up and be able to contribute early in the season:

“I think for sure he has a chance to help us. We have to see how he does over the next few days. We will get him out there today in some drills. It is just a matter of how he responds to that, but yeah, I am hopeful in that regard.”

On if WR Davion Davis is a different person from when they were both with the Vikings in 2019, when Davis had the incident that resulted in the recent suspension:

“Yeah, I think so. He has grown. He is a mature young man. I think he knows that he made a mistake, and ultimately, he has to answer to that, but I do see a mature young man.”

 On if the Browns knew the NFL investigation was pending and there was a potential for league discipline prior to signing Davis:


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