HC Kevin Stefanski (8.24.21)

On DE Takk McKinley returning to walkthrough:

“He has been back for a few days. He is doing well. Working through it. Hopefully, we will see more of him as we go.”

On if McKinley will return to practice soon:


On if McKinley may play on Sunday:

“I will kind of see how the week goes type thing.”

On if it is a lift for the team to have McKinley back:

“We support all of our guys in the building and outside of the building. He has our support. He has my support. I think guys are excited to have him back.”

On McKinley’s spirits after rejoining the team:

“He is in a good place. Ready to go.”

On if it was always in the plan to practice earlier today and if he is trying to replicate a regular week:

“Right, it was not because of the heat. It is more so we have a four-day block, and starting tomorrow, we are going to get into our regular season schedule with practice and meeting schedule. We will still do competitive periods against each other Browns versus Browns. We will run cards like we do during a regular season. I just thought it was important that our coaches and our players get back in the rhythm of that while still doing some competitive periods. With this extra day, if you will, we just felt this was the best thing to do. Send the O line and D line in early so they can start their lift, get some work out here with them to start and then finish with some seven on seven.”

On if the practice schedule will be adjusted if it there is a high heat index this week:

“I get the report from (Senior Vice President of Player Health and Development) Joe (Sheehan) and the guys. We saw what the heat was going to be today, and we knew this practice would be just fine because the duration of it was not long.”

On LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah sitting out of today’s practice:

“He had an accident in the weight room – had to get stitches. He will be OK.”

On if Owusu-Koramoah got stitches in his forehead:

“Yeah, I was not there. I did not see it.”

On the lift S John Johnson III has given the Browns secondary:

“John has been outstanding from the moment he stepped foot on campus back in June. Provides great leadership. He has a really good understanding of what we want to do and our schemes. He does not get fooled. He is around the ball. He is doing a nice job.”

On the plan for play time on Sunday:

“I want to talk to the players first and then I will definitely let you guys know – if not tomorrow, the next day.”

On if Owusu-Koramoah is fortunate that he only needed stitches:

“I did not see it. He went and saw the doctors. He is doing fine.”

On if Owusu-Koramoah was injured bench pressing:

“It was not that, but I am not going to get into the specifics of what it was.”

On if he has discussed the K situation with Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager Andrew Berry:

“I would tell you, nothing to add. We discuss the roster often, every day so certainly, we are looking at every single position but nothing to add from yesterday.”

On T James Hudson III:

“He has had some really good moments and some moments where he is a rookie, and that is to be expected. We just want to get consistency from him. Playing both sides is not easy. We are pushing him, and I think he is responding well.”

On if the decision to play Hudson on both sides is to prepare him to be a swing T if needed due to injury:

“Exactly. Any young player, you want to see what they can handle. Certainly for tackles, to have the ability to play both sides if you are not starting is really important. For guards, you typically want to see if they can snap at center. It is just building his versatility.”

On who in the NFL today could play both sides of the ball:

“Well, I am a (former NFL C and LB) Chuck Bednarik fan (laughter). I kind of think of like a linebacker or center-type. I will get back to you.”

On what Browns player could play both sides of the ball:

“Any suggestions? Anybody like anybody? [Media mention DE Myles Garrett for a jump ball and DT Andrew Billings as a blocking back] 95 at wide receiver, (DT Andrew) Billings – yeah, I like it. We will look into it (laughter).”


On the idea of P Jamie Gillan playing linebacker:

“There you go. He probably wants to.”

On an update on DE Porter Gustin:

“No update. He is working through some soreness, but I think ultimately, he will be OK.”

On the depth in the Browns DE room:

“I think at each one of these positions, it is working itself out. You are seeing who might be the starters and who might be the backups. I think we have some really talented guys in there. They work really hard. I think a bunch of those guys have had really good moments in this preseason. I would say it is a very competitive group.”

On DE Joe Jackson:

“Joe has done a nice job in his reps in the games. He has done a nice job with his reps out here. Has to stay at it. Has to continue working on his technique with Coach Kiff (defensive line coach Chris Kiffin) and JG (assistant defensive line coach) Jeremy Garrett, but he has had some good moments.”

On how valuable mental reps are for players:

“I would go back to last year and we were forced to go through it where the guys were not in person. Obviously, Zoom became a big part of how we met. It became a way that we did virtual walkthroughs. We had some good practice at doing that. It never can replicate or be a substitute for being in person and on the grass together, but I think we found ways to narrow that gap last year. Ultimately, doing is going to always be ahead of virtual.”

On if Hudson has taken reps at G or C:


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