HC Kevin Stefanski (8.23.21)

Opening statement:

“Following up on the injury front from yesterday, (CB) Greedy (Williams) is day to day with that groin injury, (LB) Montrel Meander will need surgery with an Achilles injury and then (K) Cody Parkey will go to IR with his quad injury. Following up on the game, like we talked about, I thought there were a ton of teachable moments that we are going to look at the tape tomorrow with the players and some really good situational football. Got some work to do, and this is another big week of that work.”


On when Parkey sustained the quad injury yesterday:

“I want to say it was during pregame, but I am not entirely positive about that.”


On if Parkey’s injury means K Chase McLaughlin has won the starting job or if the Browns will bring in another K:

“(Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager) Andrew (Berry) and his staff will discuss those type of things. We are all still battling for jobs on this 53. It is still a great competition at all of these positions.”


On if Parkey is done for the season after being placed on IR:

“I would not get that specific into it. I am sure we will put out a release on those type of things.”


On if Williams will still be able to practice compete for a starting CB spot despite sustaining the day-to-day injury:

“I think day to day means he has to rehab, see how he does tomorrow and see how the injury responds to treatment and that type of thing. Like I mentioned before, we have some time before you have to set the depth chart, before you have to set the 53 and all of those type of things. Plenty of work to do for the guys this week at practice and then with this game coming up.”


On how comfortable the Browns are with CB Greg Newsome II as a potential starting CB, given Williams’ injury:

“All of these guys are competing for jobs. Greg is doing a nice job competing on the practice field and in these games. Understand that he is a rookie, but he is a kid – like I mentioned the other day – who he is not making the same mistake twice. He is very diligent about his work. Ultimately if he is that guy, he is somebody who we are going to count on. All of those guys when these games start rolling around, you are counting on them. That is nothing new and that is nothing that these guy are not used to, especially playing the cornerback position.”


On the Browns and NY Giants starters warming up in full pads yesterday and if that decision was made during the week or if was a predetermined plan earlier in the preseason and training camp:

“We have laid a plan out before this training camp and before preseason but really wanted to get into that week to make final decisions, if you will. No different than what we are doing right now – we have a plan, but we want to see where we are. The idea there was down in Jacksonville we worked those guys out and we had them do a run so I did not have them do pregame warmup. This week we did not have them run prior to the game, we had them do the pregame warmup and then just stay in their pads.”


On how much the Browns have deviated from the initial training camp and preseason plans initially set:

“We have not deviated from the plan. That is just us taking stock of where we are and having discussions in the building. I use this line often, but when the map differs from the terrain, you have to go with the terrain. We have the map and we are following it, but if something else comes up we will pivot.”


On how McLaughlin has performed:

“He is battling. He is doing a nice job. I think you guys have seen it out at practice. He did a nice job with that field goal into the Dawg Pound yesterday. He is doing a nice job and expect him to keep battling.”


On determining how the Browns will be able to distribute the ball on offense, given the number of weapons available:

“Those are the type of things we talk about throughout the offseason – how we want to utilize guys. That is part of the offseason and part of training camp is finding out what guys do and trying them in certain roles and see how they respond to that. We are taking in all of that as we go. When we get to Kansas City week, we will have those discussions. As you put the plays up and you start moving the chess pieces around the board, we will get to that point. In the meantime, it is really just continuing to evaluate these players both as we put this team together and then also just seeing what their skillsets are really at every position.”


On if there are concerns about preparing the starting defense for Week 1, given the number of injuries and that the projected 11 starters may not have spent as much time together in practice as desired:

“We have worked really hard here in the building, on the practice field and in the meeting rooms to make sure that our guys are on the same page. I value walkthroughs. I think the guys have been locked in in the walkthroughs. Ultimately, would love to get the entire group out there – offense, defense and special teams – and have the full complement of guys, but injuries are a part of it, and we just deal with it accordingly. The guys are working hard, I will tell you that. It was good to get (DE) Myles (Garrett) and (DE) Jadeveon (Clowney) out there on Friday and then we will ramp them up. Guys will get healthy as we go here and get more guys in here. I just think it is a natural evolution of it as guys come off of the rehab list.”


On if WR Odell Beckham Jr. may join team drills this week as part of the recovery and ramp up plan:

“The whole point of this has been to do this thing at the appropriate speed and do it with the consultation of the medical team. We will continue to do that. I do think that there will be a point where he is in team drills and those type of things, but we will make sure he is ready for that.”


On if the Browns have determined a plan for the starters’ playing time on Sunday:

“We do have a plan, and we have talked about it. I want to continue to see where we are this week before ultimately signing off on that. I will talk to the players and then I will certainly let you guys know.”


On what factors play into the decision to go for it on fourth down or kick a FG, specifically referencing the fourth-down attempt inside the 10-yard line yesterday:

“On the field goal attempts, I just do not want to kick a field goal that is shorter than an extra point. That is as simple as it is. If it fourth-and-12, would you maybe kick a short field goal? Maybe, but that is the idea. On some of those, you need to see a punt or you need to see a field goal; that is more so than you need to see the offense run another play. Those are the type of things that we are discussing when we make those decisions.”


On if S Grant Delpit or WR Anthony Schwartz are expected to return to practice this week:

“We will see on both of those guys, but I think they are both progressing well. They are working very hard in the rehab. I am hopeful to see one or both of those guys. I am hopeful.”


On how much time he spends talking with Berry on how many players are desired at each position when the roster gets cut to 53:

“Yeah, we talk about it a lot. We spend a lot of time staring at that depth chart. It is ultimately Andrew’s decision, and he has had some tough decisions to make. He does a great job of asking really good questions of myself and the coaches so it is certainly a process. We have another week here of evaluations before those decisions have to be made.”


On if there is a decent amount of flexibility when determining the 53-man roster and the number of players at each position:

“I think Andrew wants to put together the best 53, and that is his goal. I think that we are working hard to make sure that we do that.”


On how much the ability to and knowledge of kicking at FirstEnergy Stadium factors into the competition at K:

“Those guys have kicked quite a bit down at the stadium throughout training camp and will continue to do so. I am disappointed for Cody, obviously. He is a veteran and came up big for us in some big moments last season so I do not want that to get lost in this either. It is disappointing for him, and I know his teammates feel badly about that.”


On if he talks to Browns players and ask if they would like to play in the preseason:

“I certainly talk to them. I do not necessarily take a straw poll on who wants to play in the game, but their feedback is important. All we are trying to do is have a plan that is smart for the Cleveland Browns and for the individual player, and that is ultimately what we will do.”


On DE Malik McDowell’s performance in yesterday’s preseason game after not playing in a game in a significant period of time:

“I thought he did a really nice job, and I am glad that you brought him up because he has not played a game in a long time and he has been through a lot. To see him out there making plays, his teammates were excited for him. He continues to grind. He continues to work at this thing. I thought he had a nice day.”


On if McDowell appears comfortable with the defense or is shaking off a lot of rust:

“I think he is doing a nice job. I think he had worked really hard when we got him in the building in the spring. Obviously, had a couple of injuries that set him back but stayed into it with the walkthroughs and stayed into it in the meeting rooms. He is a guy who is really, really battling. He is working very, very hard as we get through this training camp.”