HC Kevin Stefanski (8.22.21)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

Opening statement: 

“(CB) Greedy Williams has a groin injury, (K) Cody Parkey had a quad injury and (LB) Montrel Meander had an Achilles injury. I thought it was some good work for the guys out there. It was hot. They were battling. It took 60 minutes. Got some good situational football work – a two-minute at the end of the first half, a two-minute drive there on defense at the end of the second half and a two-point play – so I think there are a lot of things going on that the guys did a nice job communicating and ultimately battling throughout. Good win.”

On the competition between FBs Andy Janovich and Johnny Stanton IV: 

“I think those guys are competing hard every single day on the practice field, in the meeting room and in these games. They are both doing a nice job.”

On Stanton playing some TE today:

“What happens is you have two tight ends so you are trying to find ways to spell those guys. That was some of the thought there, but certainly, the more you can do, it helps your value.”

On QB Case Keenum’s performance:

“He did a nice job operating. Did not like that interception down there in the red zone – we can’t do that, and he should not do that. He knows that. We have to take better care of the ball, but he had obviously some nice plays. That throw to Hodgey (WR KhaDarel Hodge) was outstanding – a great catch, great throw.”

On if the Browns tried to set up a long FG opportunity on K Chase McLaughlin’s 49-yard conversion or if it ‘just happened’: 

“Just happened. Obviously, want to get some evaluation from these guys. We were going to kick a field goal there [earlier in the game] and then we had a sack that was called and took us out of field goal range. Was pleased that we were able to get to field goal range that last one.”

On RB Demetric Felton:

“I thought he did a nice job. I would say my vantage point was not great, but he had some good dirty runs. He bounced a few and made some plays in the passing game so he did a nice job.”

On Keenum’s missed connection with Felton in the end zone:

“He just overthrew him.”

On DT Malik McDowell’s performance: 

“Malik did a nice job. Had a sack there. That is the first time playing ball for him in a long time. He did a nice job.”

On if the decision to play CB Troy Hill was related to the incident after Friday’s practice:

“All of those things, I will keep between Troy and myself and keep that internal.”

On if he can reveal if or how much the Browns starters will play next week:

“I will do that next week.”

On CB Greg Newsome II’s performance and if Newsome is building on a strong practice week:

“Yeah, I think he is building on the practice week – I think that is a good way to put it. I think it was nice to get him some inside reps today and got him some reps at nickel. He is doing a nice job. He just has to continue to do so.”


On if C Nick Harris’ injury is ‘significant’:

“I think I would call it day to day.”


On the decision to start G Blake Hance at C today:

“With some of the injuries we have had, as you know, these guys have to show their versatility and they have to be able to bounce along that line. That is something that ultimately we want to find the right spot for all of these guys. A lot of it is from an evaluation standpoint.”


On if the Browns are monitoring how much starters from other teams are playing in the preseason as it relates to how much they will play their starters:

“I am really concerned with us, what we need and what each player needs. That is really kind of the mindset I have about it.”


On summarizing the week of practices and the preseason game with the NY Giants:

“Great work with that team. I told you guys the other day, I appreciate (NY Giants Head) Coach (Joe) Judge, that entire coaching staff and those players. We got some really good work done in Berea for a couple of days. I thought the guys worked really hard today and competed for 60 minutes. We were put in a bunch of different scenarios in this ballgame so I thought that was really good for us. We also realize that we have a ways to go. We are just not where we need to be, but that is OK. We have some practices coming up.”


On playing T James Hudson III at LT and RT and if Hudson prefers one spot over the other:

“You would have to ask him, but I think any young player certainly wants to stay at one spot but they have to be able to go play at other spots. He has done a nice job. We have bounced him around in practice and walkthrough. He has not missed a beat.”


On when the Browns can shift from evaluating players to preparing for Week 1 against Kansas City:

“I think you can do both at the same time. Even going back to when we first got together, obviously, we are trying to evaluate the roster and we are trying to get the guys ready in the scheme and get them ready to play. We are constantly trying the sharpen what we do. Always have the season in mind with everything we are doing.”

On where WR KhaDarel Hodge is fitting in the WR competition and what Hodge showed today:

“I think all of those guys are battling across the roster. Hodgey made a great catch on the ball. Not surprising because those two throw to each other quite a bit down there in Texas.”

On how valuable Hodge is on special teams, in addition to contributing on offense:

“All of our guys, everybody plays special teams here, and we are going to need everybody to do so. Hodgey certainly understands his role.”

On if the Browns planned to play LB Mack Wilson until the fourth quarter:

“Yeah, he did not play last week – four plays last week – so we just want to make sure we got an extended amount of playing time for him.”

On LB Elijah Lee competing for roster spot: 

“Again, he is going to compete and battle like he always does. He did a nice job out there today.”

On how Parkey injured his quad:

“I do not know. I really do not. He did it at some point, but I am not sure when.”

On if he has a feel for the severity of Parkey’s injury:

“I do not.”

On how hard it is to evaluate WR JoJo Natson as a returner with limited attempts this training camp and preseason:

“I think we have some returns to go on in his career. I think he has done a nice job at practice so we certainly are evaluating all those returns. You cannot predict when you are going to get that return in the punt game or the kickoff game.”

On RB Demetric Felton’s performance in the running game:

“Did a nice job. Have to go back and look at it to give you a better, more informed answer, but he did a nice job. Had him out there running routes, handing him the ball and handling protection so we will be able to look at all of it.”

On S Richard LeCounte III making some big plays:

“Ball finds a way to him, and he has great ball skills. Certainly, did in college, as well. To be able to get the ball at the end was important. We finished even in the turnover margin to be able to get that one to offset our previous giveaway.”

On if he has an update on DE Porter Gustin’s status:

“I do not.”

# # #