HC Kevin Stefanski (8.22.20)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

Opening statement: 

“One note, (RB) Nick Chubb will be out there today so good to get Nick back on the grass.”


On Chubb returning to the field: 

“With injuries with all of our guys, we want it to be as quick as possible for them for their health, and obviously, Nick being no different. Followed all the protocols, he is feeling good and excited to have him back out there.”


On why the FB position is so important to the Browns offense: 

“I think once you talk to (FB) Andy (Janovich), you will get a feel for what a fullback looks like and sounds like. I just think it brings a level of toughness. Obviously, I also think there is a versatility to that position and what you can do with them in the run and the pass game. I think it can help dictate certain looks that you want to see from the defense. I just think it is a nice utility piece for us.”


On if P Jamie Gillan will practice today: 

“He will.”


On how encouraging it is that CB Kevin Johnson is out of the hospital and that Johnson may be able to return to play in the coming weeks: 

“It is really good news that he is out of the hospital. I spoke to him yesterday. He is doing really well. We are going to take a week to week. I am going to listen to the doctors and the trainers on this one.”


On if Johnson’s injury does not require a procedure and that it is a matter of time for it to heal: 

“Yes, I think that is accurate.”


On the benefits of using a third S as fifth DB: 

“You talk about what you want to be defensively. Sometimes teams will play that third safety as opposed to a smaller nickel. Some teams where their nickelback may be more of a corner type and he is going to be involved more in the run fit, you may want a bigger body. I know that over the years, (S) Andrew Sendejo is one guy that comes to mind. He is a safety that in a pinch played some nickel for the Vikings. In fact in the playoff game there down in New Orleans, he played nickel. There are certain packages certainly where that is possible. Like you said, you get a sixth DB at times, and now, he is playing more around the box around the dime linebacker spot.”


On if the third S can be a hybrid LB: 



On what the Browns DL needs to do to help the run defense improve from last year, referencing DE Myles Garrett returning to practice: 

“It starts up front. Having No. 95 out there definitely makes us better, but we want to make sure that we have a wave of guys that play throughout the game and are being disruptive in the run and the pass game. I am a firm believer that strength along the lines really will dictate the success of your offense and your defense.”


On what Sendejo brings to the Browns on the field and as a leader: 

“I think the leadership is key. We have a lot of young players on this team, and to be able to see examples of how to do it is important. Leadership does not have to be the rah-rah guy giving speeches every day as you walk out to practice. It can be the guy who just does his job over and over and again. I think that is something that Andrew brings to the team.”


On the ramp up process for Garrett as he returns to practice: 

“There will be a ramp up. That always starts with individual and then it moves towards team periods. Smart is the operative word as it pertains to the situation.”


On QB Baker Mayfield’s progress on the field during the first week of training camp: 

“He is doing a nice job. All of our players, you have to remind yourself that they are running plays full speed for the first time versus an offense or versus a defense so there are definitely going to be moments where it is not perfect. I think Baker, just like all the other guys, we are learning, and I think he is doing a really nice job. You go down to the red zone period the other day, and we are running those plays for the first time and he is making them work. Then there are other ones that we have to do better at all positions. I think understanding that we are trying to build this thing and get the basics down is really important. The other note for the quarterbacks in particular is we make life hard on them in practice, and we are giving them tough looks and we are not giving them outs in certain areas. It is definitely a tough position to play, and we want to make sure that we simulate that as much as we can in practice.”


On T Jedrick Wills Jr.’s progress during the first week of training camp: 

“He has done a good job. He spends a lot of time with (offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan. He is getting a lot of good reps versus (DE) Olivier Vernon, who is a very good player. He is doing a nice job, and I think he is progressing every day. He is working on technique. He is taking things from the classroom to the field. I know there are certain things that Coach Callahan and (assistant offensive line) Coach (Scott) Peters are having him do with technique, whether it be footwork, hand placement or whatever it may be. He is working on things. That is just part of his job now is to work on his craft, and he is doing a nice job with it.”


On if Wills getting beat at times during one-on-one drills is to be expected due to his transition to LT: 

“I would not say it is not necessarily because of the transition. Those one-on-one drills, a lot of times, you are working on technique and you are trying something out. Those are really great breeding grounds for teaching and learning so there is going to be good and bad in those type of drills.”


On Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh’s comment that Baltimore is focused on getting ready for Cleveland Week 1 and if it easier for a team and coaching staff with more continuity to be able to focus more on their first opponent at this point of the year: 

“I do not think so. Right when the schedule comes out, you really talk about that Week 1 opponent. We are very aware of how many days that game is away. As much as we are teaching, learning and putting in systems, of course, we are going to start ramping this thing up and get ready for Baltimore on September 13.”


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