HC Kevin Stefanski (8.17.21)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

Opening statement:

“Good to see everybody. Injury front, (LB) Mack Wilson is day to day with a shoulder injury. I know you guys saw the news on (TE) Stephen Carlson – he will be out for the season. Really feel for Steve. Important part of this team. He is going rehab, I know, and come back even stronger. We will get some guys back today off of the injury list and back out on the field. Looking forward to a good couple practices here and then get the Giants in here Thursday and Friday.


“Condolences to the Schafrath family (following the passing of Browns Legend Dick Shafrath). An Ohio man – Ohio State, a Cleveland Brown. A legend. I was not fortunate enough to meet him, but again, condolences to his family.”


On the plan for WR Odell Beckham Jr. this week:

“Ramping him up appropriately. It is what we have been doing the whole time. He will be out there today and get some good work in.”


On if Beckham will participate in the joint practices with the NY Giants:

“We will kind of take things day by day.”


On which Browns players will be returning to practice today:

“I think (S) Grant (Delpit), (S) Ronnie (Harrison Jr.) and (WR) Anthony Schwartz. With everybody, we are just trying to make sure we are smart. As you know, the guys that maybe are not practicing are getting a ton of work inside. We are just going to make sure that we are smart about all of these guys.”


On if Wilson dodged a significant injury:

“All of those injuries are big deals, but yeah, I think we dodged anything long term. He is going to work hard. Hopefully, we see him sooner than later.”


On if DE Jadeveon Clowney will practice today:

“We will rest Jadeveon.”


On if Clowney is dealing with a specific injury:

“With all of these guys, they have things that are bothering them, and we are working through it.”


On CB Denzel Ward’s injury status:

“He is working really hard. Was running after this. We are getting close.”


On if the goal is for Ward and Clowney to be available for the joint practices with the NY Giants:

“Honestly, you would love to have all of those guys available today but just want to be smart about it. Specifically to those Giants practices, we will see when they are ready, if they are ready.”


On how and when the Browns will decide who plays on Sunday:

“We will wait until we get through Thursday and Friday to make the determinations.”


On if the Browns starters need to play in either of the remaining preseason games:

“Like we have talked about, we will make determinations based on every individual player as we get going in these next couple of games. That is something that is ongoing conversations.”


On the contingency plan for joint practices if it rains Thursday or Friday:

“Do not say that. Do not try to speak it into existence there (laughter). We have contingency plans, but we are hoping that does not happen.”


On if the joint practices with the NY Giants could be held at FirstEnergy Stadium if it rains:

“That is not one of the things we talked about. Obviously, we would love for it to be safe out here for both teams.”


On if the Browns potentially are being ‘overly cautious’ with the players who are being held out of practices due to injuries:

“I want to say we are being appropriately cautious. I just want to make sure we are doing the right thing by each player. As you know, we are treating each player specifically to their condition and what they need.”


On if any of the young Browns DEs have stood out with additional reps:

All of those guys played, we got some really good reps from them. They played really hard. There were a ton of passing situations where they could rush the passer and try to disrupt the quarterback. I would not single any one guy out. I would just tell you, I was really pleased with how they came off the ball and were constantly working their technique.”


On what WR Davion Davis has to do to earn a spot on the roster, given the team’s depth at WR:

“Davion has to do what every young player is doing right now – I think they have to show up, be professional about their job, be attentive in those meeting rooms and put some great work out here together with their teammates on the field, and really, that is all they can control. I think Davion is a great example of a young player who is just going to control the things that he can control.”


On his message to the team ahead of the joint practices with the NY Giants about the balance between intensity and practicing smart:

“I have talked about it with a few of the guys. I will talk with the entire team about it as we get closer to it. Really, it is not any different than when we are out here today and how we have been out here. We get some really good work in, and we take care of each other. It is because we respect each other. It is no different when the Giants come in here. They are our guests, and we want to make sure that we work, we work hard and we compete against each other, but we are always going to be taking care of each other and making sure that it is a safe, controlled environment.”


On if it seems inevitable that players from each team will be going at it or fight during the joint practices:

“I would not say that it is inevitable. I think it is incumbent upon both teams and the veterans on those teams to make sure that they understand that this is a work trip. We have two days of practice versus the Giants, we are playing them on Sunday and both teams are looking forward to getting some good work in.”


On if there are concerns that the NY Giants have shown a willingness to fight each other prior to arriving in Cleveland:

“No. Again, I am worried about the Cleveland Browns.”


On if WR Davion Davis performance on Saturday was a strong argument to have preseason games:

“I think it is a great opportunity for those guys – young players, sophomores – getting a ton of reps, and you can only get so many out there. To see all those guys get plenty of reps the other night was awesome. We are looking forward to doing that again with these guys. They need to play and then give opportunities for them to show what they can do.”


On if practicing indoors will be an option if the weather is not up to par during joint practices with the NY Giants:

“We would have to think about it.”


On the contingency plan if there is inclement weather:

“Talk to (Chief of Staff) Callie (Brownson).”


On if TE Stephen Carlson or WR Ryan Switzer will need surgery:

“Stephen Carlson? Yes. Ryan Switzer is always undergoing surgery.”


On if Switzer’s injury happened right after he scored the TD at Jacksonville:

“I am not entirely sure.”


On if Carlson’s injury has the team reconsidering the potential for a fourth TE on the roster:

“All of these spots when you look up and down the roster, there are battles for all these spots. Obviously, you take a good player like Steve out of the mix, unfortunately, it opens up opportunities for other guys to see if they can go grab that spot.”


On if the Browns needs four TEs for the offense or if he is comfortable going with three TEs:

“We will see how it all shakes out. It is our job to put the best players on the field and play to the strengths of your team. Ultimately, (Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager) Andrew (Berry) and his staff, along with the coaches, will make those determinations down the road.”


On if he has had any major deviations through training camp:

“We really have not. We have tried to plan this out. We will make minor alterations here or there if we need to see extra work in a specific area, but all in all, this is kind of how we planned it.”


On if there will be no tackling to the ground during the NY Giants joint practices: