HC Kevin Stefanski (8.15.21)

Opening statement:

“Injury front, still awaiting test results on those guys we talked about [last night] so I do not have an update there. Just looking at the tape and like we talked about, I really was proud of the guys in how they competed. I really thought the guys gave great effort out there. We had great meetings this morning pointing out all of those things that we have to clean up. It is a bunch of little things that together they can become a big thing. Making sure that the emphasis is on cleaning up some mistakes and reminding the guys that we are very much in training camp mode so we have a lot of work left to do.”


On if last night was a relatively clean preseason game, given the limited penalties and other factors:

“I think that is fair. I think the operation was good. I like the communication with the coaches. I thought the communication between the coaches and the players was really good. On the sideline, the guys were doing a nice job of making corrections and then taking it out to the field. They were on point. Definitely things we need to clean up. The pre-snap penalties are the ones that are really inexcusable.”


On if he got into a pretty good flow with play calling last night:

“For the preseason games, we do not game plan. It is so generic and so vanilla because we are just trying to make sure the guys can play fast and not worry about scheming it up, so of speak. In terms of flow, we are trying to make sure that we are getting multiple run types and we are getting multiple pass types, making sure that you are mixing in plays so that you can evaluate as opposed to going down there with a goal of scoring a bunch of points and defending, as well.”


On if anticipates he will be able to share an injury update today:

“I do not. I will not have that information until later, but I will get that to you ASAP.”


On when did LB Mack Wilson’s shoulder injury occurred:

“It was early in the game – one of the first couple of plays and just dinged that shoulder. Honestly, not exactly sure which play it was. I can vividly remember him grabbing him. We will see how he comes out of it after the MRI.”


On if the Browns expect some injured players back to practice this week, including some of the players who sustained hamstring injuries:

“A lot of those guys are really close and I am optimistic about it, but I want to get to Tuesday to see exactly where everybody is. Use these next days, today and tomorrow, as part of that rehab, but I am optimistic that we will get some guys back.”


On T James Hudson III’s performance last night:

“James did a nice job for his first night out there. It was not perfect. It was pointed out to him that it was not perfect. (Offensive line) Coach (Bill Callahan) does a great job of being very clear with those guys of what he expects in terms of technique. James had some nice moments and some moments I know he wants back. He played both sides of the line for us. He is somebody who we are going to continue to grow. The kid wants to work, and he really wants to be coached so that is always a good thing.”


On how beneficial it is for the team to have a veteran QB like QB Case Keenum playing last night to help younger players:

“That is a big part of playing that position is how you are in the huddle, that the guys believe in what you are saying to them and that you are speaking to them clearly. There is so much that goes into playing quarterback. Case obviously has a bunch of games under his belt. There are certain plays… I will give you for instance he had a play there in the first half where he was going on a quick count, but then the receivers were not aligned properly so he had to slow it down. There is a way to do that and make sure that you talk to your linemen and understand that, ‘Hey, we are not in the quick count anymore.’ Little things like that I think all of the young players can learn from.”


On what stood out most about LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah’s performance and where Owusu-Koramoah can make improvements:

“If you watched it live and then even watching it on tape, he did make splash plays. He made good tackles along the sideline. He made a nice play on that screen. He needs to clean up his eye progression, and he understands that and the coaches are working very hard. To really play fast in this league, it is when you are not thinking. I think he is getting there. With a lot of work, I think he will get there. Overall, he understands there is plenty of work to be done.”


On if Owusu-Koramoah earned future opportunities with the first team defense during last night’s preseason game:

“All of these guys as we continue to progress through training camp, we will continue to meet as coaches and discuss those type of things. With all of our rookies, as you know, we bring them up all on different timeframes. Some guys are ready for more. Some guys are not. We will make that on a case-by-case basis.”


On how CB Greedy Williams and T Chris Hubbard are doing after playing in last night’s preseason game following season-ending injuries:

“I think Hub was in there for 17 plays and Greedy 18. That was kind of our plan going into it. It was good exposure for them. I mentioned it the other night but I will say it again, really proud of those guys to be out there Preseason Game 1 off of those injuries. They rehabbed like crazy. They did a nice job. The next step is coming back to practice, work that soreness out type things and continue to build.”


On RB Demetric Felton and if the team plans to play him at RB in the second preseason game:

“We have had some early discussions on that. I think we will see how the week goes. We know he can do both. At some point, yes, we want to get a look at him at that position, but I am not ready to say that it will be this game.”


On the Browns could potentially keep three QBs:

“I think that is discussions that are ongoing. I thought both (QB) Case (Keenum) and (QB) Kyle (Lauletta) did a nice job last night, but any question related to the roster I can tell you is just ongoing.”


On CB Greg Newsome II’s performance last night:

“He did a nice job. That one big play was a pretty good play – a pretty good throw and a pretty good catch. It is hard to cover a guy for that long. That is where rush and coverage tie together. All in all, I think Greg had a nice night. It was the first time out there for him so a lot of these guys you have to remember the butterflies, the anxiety and that first time under lights, and now, they get that out of the way and hopefully can play a little bit freer in the next one.”


On WR Davion Davis’ TD catch last night after joining the team during training camp:

“I thought it was awesome. You just look at the boundary when he scored and how excited the sideline was. DD is a great kid. Works very hard. It is funny, (wide receivers) Coach (Chad) O’Shea recently in one of their wide receiver meetings showed a highlight reel catch that Davion had in college so when the ball was in the air, I had that going through my mind. The kid came down with it and made a great play.”


On what WR Anthony Schwartz showed at the beginning in training camp prior to sustaining an injury:

“We are eager to get him back. He is progressing nicely. Optimistic on some of these guys, but we will see as we go. Anthony in particular has done a very nice job. Extremely attentive in meetings. He is going to be ready to go mentally. What we saw, the speed is real. (QB) Baker (Mayfield) and he got a lot of work together in the early portion of training camp when he was out there, which I think is really important for any battery to understand each other, if you will. We are excited to get him back out here. As it relates to hands, all of our guys are working on their craft. I think they do a great job of getting extra work in, whether it be pre-practice, post-practice, etc. A lot of our rookies are working very hard on the extra stuff that they can do to try and become better players because they are still rookies and they are going to be rookies for a pretty long time here.”


On WR JoJo Natson’s performance last night:

“JoJo did a great job. Glad you mentioned him. Another guy coming off of an injury, coming off of surgery, battling out there on the practice field and to be out there in preseason game number one and making plays on special teams and playing offense – he had some really nice reps on offense, as well – he did a good job. JoJo, you are always going to feel his speed when he is on the field. I thought he showed that a few times.”


On how the Browns will approach the practice week, including joint practices with the New York Giants on Thursday and Friday that could result in Tuesday and Wednesday practices being lighter:

“Tuesday and Wednesday will be lighter days. As we get the Giants in here, those practices will be ramped up more in terms of reps. We have a four-day block so we will be smart in the first two.”


# # #


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