HC Kevin Stefanski (12.9.20)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

On G Wyatt Teller being placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list and likely missing most of practice this week: 

“We have contingency plans, and we have a depth chart so we will work some other guys in there and then make a determination later in the week if Wyatt is able to play in the game. Until then, we will work some other guys in at that spot.”


On if T Chris Hubbard will take snaps at RG this week: 

“Yeah, I can tell you that. He has done that before. Hub would be the next guy in there.”


On Teller’s performance this season: 

“He has given us some really valuable reps. A very physical player. We have been without him at times this season, and Hub went in there and did a nice job. We will see how it plays out, but obviously, Wyatt is a good player and looking forward to getting him back out there when he is ready.”


On if there is an update on CB Denzel Ward’s status: 

“Nothing new. He was not out there today. Still working through it, and they will update me daily.”


On if he is glad the Browns will be getting more national attention with the Week 15 game being flexed to Sunday Night Football: 

“My mind does not really go there. They tell me where we are playing, when we are playing and who we are playing.”


On his reference to RB Kareem Hunt in his postgame speech and the ‘who loves football drill’: 

“I do not remember where but I got that from somebody. I did not make it up. You just talk about anytime the offense turns the ball over, you find out who loves ball – who is going to go get the defender on the ground? Kareem was not going to let him score. (WR) Donovan Peoples-Jones was flying on the other side and (FB) Andy Janovich. That is just what we have always called it. I referenced that to the players before. Proud of Kareem and how we respond to there.”


On if he watched the Ravens-Cowboys game live last night or waited to watch the film this morning: 

“Did some TV scouting, and then watched it again this morning. We are still in the infancy of game planning with this extra day here so really had to look at the tape from an offensive, defensive and special team angle and figure out what they are doing, what is different and what is the same. We will still pour over that make some determinations for the gameplan moving forward. Obviously, we understand the challenge, and we understand the team that is coming in here is very well-coached and very talented.”


On if his messaging to the team changes at all as the significance of each upcoming game continues to grow: 

“I think messaging to the team varies every week – there is always something that I am trying to get across to the team – but in terms of ‘this game is bigger than the last,’ they all feel big to me.”


On if intentional grounding is being called more frequently and tighter this season: 

“I do not think so. I think we have had an inordinate amount of them. I know the one at home was very close, but I can help Baker out in a couple of situations schematically and some things we can do better there. I could not tell if there has been more.”


On if QB Baker Mayfield could have done something different on Sunday when called for intentional grounding: 

“Yeah, and again, this is a coaching thing. He can find a place to dirt that. We can do some different things. We had a mental error there – I won’t name names – but it contributed to the penalty.”


On RB Nick Chubb being selected as the Browns’ 2020 Ed Block Courage Award recipient and being nominated for the Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award: 

“Those two distinctions are great for Nick. Well deserved. The great thing about the Ed Block Courage Award is it is voted on by your teammates so that just tells you what kind of teammate Nick is and what his guys feel about him. I think you guys know how I feel about him. He is the ultimate team player.”


On if he knew all along that the Browns had the right personalities with Chubb and Hunt to be able to share the workload and be productive: 

“I obviously did not know those two guys at all so you rely on people in the building have been around them, and they have been as advertised in that regard.”


On the Browns DL and the group’s personality, as well as what the Browns need from the unit in the last four games: 

“There are some characters in that room. (Defensive line) Coach (Chris) Kiffin has his work cut out for him on those Zoom calls and out on the practice field. They are playing hard. They are, you see in this last game, making plays, and (DT) Sheldon (Richardson) making huge plays early. We need them to continue to be explosive and penetrating. Really, the job of a D lineman is glorious at times when you get those sacks, and then other times you are taking on a double team so someone else can make a play. That is just the nature of that position.”


On if he knew Richardson from their year together in Minnesota:  

“Yeah, we spent a year together, but I am coaching on offense and he is playing on defense.”


On how much better the Browns are now compared to Week 1 at Baltimore: 

“We are just trying to be one game better than last week really. It is hard for me to go all the way back to that week. Obviously, we will go back and look at the tape because of the opponent, but we are just trying to make subtle improvements each week. This is the time of the season in December when you have to constantly be getting better and you have to be getting stronger, which is why I think the lift work that we got today is as important as anything we are going to do today. We are just trying to constantly stress to our guys that we have to get better and we have to get stronger throughout December.”


On Browns players’ posts on Twitter following the Steelers’ loss: 

“I am not on social media, thank God. I will take your word for it, but I am going to keep the focus on what we are doing day to day in this building.”


On if he feels a need to address what players are saying or if he lets it go: 

“I would tell you if I address anything, I will keep it internal. In regards to our players, I think they know what we are about, and what we are about is working. I tell you that because we just came off the field, and I thought the guy’s got some really good work in. They understand what is so important about our preparation is that we are continually grinding on it. I think the guys get that message from me.”


On if the Browns are ready to handle the national spotlight in a positive way with back-to-back primetime games: 

“The second game of the year was in primetime and under the lights – still a 60-minute game. I think the guys understand we have a big game coming up, a really good opponent and well-coached. We have plenty to concern ourselves with, and really, the time of the game is not of our concern.”


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