HC Kevin Stefanski (12.18.20)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

Opening statement: 

“I know you guys have the injury report. We are going to rule out (S) Andrew Sendejo. He has not cleared the concussion protocol just yet. (G) Wyatt Teller was not able to practice this week so he is really week to week with his injury.

“We had a good week of practice and a good day in there in the indoor. Ready to roll.”

On TE David Njoku being added to the injury report: 

“Precautionary. Held him out, but I am optimistic that he will be out there Sunday night.”

On the status of CB Denzel Ward, TE Austin Hooper and WR KhaDarel Hodge and if they are expected to play on Sunday: 

“Yeah, I feel good about those guys.”

On if C JC Tretter is expected to play on Sunday, given Tretter was on the injury report for non-injury related reasons: 


On if Teller is dealing with a high ankle injury: 

“I am not going to get into the specifics of it, but he is week to week.”

On if Teller could potentially be placed on IR: 

“He is week to week.”

On if DE Myles Garrett looks like how he did prior to being placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list: 

“He does to me. The more he gets away from that and gets his wind back and all of those things, I think he has looked better and better. He had a good week of practice.”

On NY Giants RB Wayne Gallman: 

“A really good player. I think he is second in the league in yards after contact behind (RB) Nick Chubb. He is always moving forward and has a great understanding of their run schemes of where the ball goes. He does not miss many reads. He is really good football player.”

On NY Giants Head Coach Joe Judge and the team may be prone to more trick plays, including on special teams, given the NY Giants are ‘in a more desperate situation’ to win based on their current playoff situation: 

“I think it is two desperate football teams. It is two second place teams in their division and two teams that have won four of the last five. We are going play like we are the desperate team. As it relates to trick plays, we work on those each week – whether it is special teams, offense or defense – and things that we think they may do to prepare ourselves. That is really an every week type thing.”

On if a head coach with a special teams background like Judge is more likely to run trick plays on special teams: 

“I do not know. I do know he was outstanding as a special teams coordinator so it is no surprise that they are really good on special teams. In terms of does that make them more likely to run a trick play, I do not really know.”

On how important it is for the Browns run defense to be more consistent this week, given its strong performance against the Titans and then giving up more yards to the Ravens: 

“We are just looking at the challenge this week. They do a nice job. They will put three tight ends out there. They are running the ball, and you know they are running it. It is downhill. It is double teams. They will pull a guard. It presents some issues to your run fits so we have to be on point in how we attack blocks and on point about how we fit our gaps because this is a very, very good run attack.”

On if he has a comment on the situation involving WR Jarvis Landry and Ravens CB Marcus Peters: 

“I do not.”

On if this was his first time voting for the Pro Bowl: 

“No, as a coach, you typically get together with the offensive and the defensive staff and you sit down and you talk about each one of the positions. That is something that our offensive and defensive coaches did in their meetings this week. It is an important meeting because this is important to these guys. A lot of them have earned it, and you want to give it its proper due and talk about the players, and we have intimate knowledge of some of the guys that give us trouble over the course of the season.”

On NY Giants CB James Bradberry and the impact of Bradberry being out this week, particularly given the Browns’ familiarity of missing a top CB in CB Denzel Ward: 

“He is a good player. They have a bunch of good corners. He is a good player so I do not want to make it seem like they will not miss them because we know that feeling, like you said. We know the challenge that this entire defense presents to us. Bradberry in particular, I have a ton of respect for. He makes plays on the ball, long, plays within the scheme, good at man, really good at zone and visual on the Q. He is doing a nice job.”

On if he considered calling a timeout before Ravens K Justin Tucker’s game-winning FG attempt: 

“It is hard to go all the way back there. I can’t remember. On to New York.”

On if he has seen enough from S Tedric Thompson to where Thompson could fit into the S rotation this week: 

“Yes, I have seen enough. He is a veteran. Smart. Understands what we are doing. We will see if he gets in there Sunday night.”

On comfort level with T Chris Hubbard filling in for Teller, given Hubbard has filled various roles on the Browns OL this year: 

“Yeah, he has done it really at the tackle position and at the guard position with reps and without reps. He has proven to be very valuable to us. He works very hard and is a great teammate. Looking forward to him performing well.”

On if S Sheldrick Redwine will start at S and Redwine’s readiness for an expanded role on defense: 

“Yes, he will start. You have seen times where Sheldrick has make big plays for us this season. We are counting on him, and he has to play within the scheme, just like the other 11 guys.”

# # #