HC Kevin Stefanski (11.12.20)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

On if he anticipates RB Nick Chubb will play with a knee brace, if available on Sunday: 

“I think [it is a] we will see type of thing. We will get to Friday and make a determination if he will be ready to go. If he is ready to go, then it is his comfort level and the doctors’ and trainers’ comfort level with that brace. We will include that as part of the conversation.”

On the Texans WRs: 

“I see speed. I see big plays. The second play of the game last week, they go however many yards it was right down the field and caught a go ball for a big play. I just think there is big play potential with those guys because of just flat speed.”

On confidence level that Chubb will be available on Sunday: 

“I would say I am hopeful, but I want to let this week play out. Like we talked about, get to Friday and make a determination. How he feels and how he checks in with the trainers will be the determining factor.”

On if home field advantage has been neutralized this season across the NFL, given home teams currently have a combined losing record across the league: 

“First of all, our 12,000 is very loud. I do understand with losing some of that crowd noise that does take away a huge part of the advantage of playing at home. For instance, we have not been on the silent count all year. Typically, when you are going into a loud stadium, you spend a lot of time on the silent count and mixing up the silent count. We stayed on the quarterback’s voice all season. Now, you have to mix up your cadence just the same on third downs with the quarterback’s voice, but I would say that is a very big part of that stat.”

On if the team has discussed the caliber of the Texans’ opponents as a factor for their 2-6 record and defensive rankings: 

“Without a doubt. Look at their schedule and look at the teams that they have played. All really good football teams, likely playoff teams. Teams that we played that we know are good. We understand the challenge. I know that we get wrapped up in records, but we understand the challenge that we are going to face on Sunday versus a really good football team.”

On if WR Jarvis Landry is feeling better physically and looks like his old self this week following the bye:          

“I think every day helps when you are coming off of how banged up he was with that rib and playing through those injuries. I do believe that each day he is getting better and better. I keep going back to Jarvis and all of our guys, nobody is feeling spry at this point. He is working through it. As you know he plays hard and he practices hard so excited to get him back out there on Sunday.”

On if he sensed more excitement among the team yesterday with all of the players returning to practice: 

“I think it felt like Wednesday. I think there is so much that goes into the preparation, and we are creatures of habit and definitely creatures of the structure of our week. I thought it was really good Wednesday, and we have to make sure it is a really good Thursday.”

On how to help neutralize the Texans offense and the Texans’ explosive plays: 

“You have to be sound in what you are doing. You need rush and coverage to marry. You need to stay tight in coverage. You have to make sure that you are applying pressure to the quarterback and then make plays when they are presented for us. We recognize the receivers that they have, the backs, obviously the quarterback – it is a really good passing attack. It is really good offensive attack, period. I think the guys understand with the players on the perimeter that they have found a way to be very explosive. We have to make sure that we are sound in our scheme.”

On how the Browns can simulate Texans QB Deshaun Watson in practice this week: 

“With a guy like him, you are never going to fully simulate it. You do make the scout team quarterback extend the plays. Even when in reality he is sacked, you have him keep playing so the guys get used to this down is going to go on longer than you anticipate; therefore, you have to cover much longer than you may anticipate.”

On what impressed him most about G Wyatt Teller’s performance before the calf injury: 

“I would say physicality. He was always our leader in getting people on the ground. That is something that is a big part of his game and what he brings to the field. If we can get him back on the field, I think that is something that you will recognize.”

On if Teller’s status has changed after Wednesday’s practice: 

“No, not really. I would say similarly, I am hopeful, but I will make sure that we wait until Friday to see three straight days of practice before we make a determination.”

On if the team identified areas for the Browns defense to improve from the self-scout during the bye week: 

“Yeah, definitely. I do not want to get too specific, but I think there are things that we can do schematically, changing a few calls. Our defense has tendencies, just like our offense has tendencies, and we understand that. Looking at those, seeing what fits our guys and what coverages and what rushes fit our guys the best, that was a huge part of what we looked at.”

On if DEs Olivier Vernon and Adrian Clayborn can help the pass rush moving forward: 

“Yeah, without a doubt. We are counting on those guys, and they know that. Really, the entire defensive line room, I think, is eager to make sure that they are doing their part, and seeing OV get a couple of sacks last week was huge. We just have to keep progressing and keep coming on with that group.”

On preparing for potential rainy weather conditions on Sunday, given the weather looks good for the practice week: 

“We have to be ready for them. Like you mentioned, it looks like it will be sunny the next couple days out here so you will not get to replicate that necessarily. It was good for us to get that under our belt the previous week. Ultimately, you have to play a 60-minute game, regardless of the conditions, and I think the guys understand that.”

On DE Myles Garrett’s injury status following the bye week: 

“He should be good to go. He looks good at practice.”

On if weather conditions were discussed after the Raiders game: 

“I think both prior and postgame. The weather is a matter of fact so you can talk about it matter of factly. It is what it is. Guys have to accept it. Like you said, with where our stadium is located, weather is a part of who we are, a part of how we play and a part of what we play in so that is just a matter of fact.”

On preparing for the Texans’ explosiveness on offense and how that impacts the Browns’ offensive gameplan: 

“Honestly, we set out to score points – a lot of them if we can – regardless of the opponent. We understand the challenge this week with a really good team. I understand their offense is explosive and there are some big plays on tape. You can’t deny it. For us offensively, our offense is facing their defense and just has to focus on that matchup and the things that we have to do to play football and not get caught up in their offense versus our offense or their defense versus our defense.”

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