HC Kevin Stefanski (11.1.20)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

Opening statement: 

“Injury wise, (DE) Myles (Garrett) came out there with a knee injury that we will get an MRI on in the morning. I know you saw (DT) Vincent Taylor come out. He is getting evaluated for a concussion, but do not have an update on him.

“We got beat. They came in here and beat us so credit to the Raiders. They possessed it for 38 minutes. We did not do enough of the things that you have to do in those conditions to go win, and I do not think anyone can use that as an excuse. They found a way to put 16 points up on the board, and we did not. Credit to them. Disappointed with the loss. We will try to learn from it and get better for our next game.”

On if Garrett’s injury was related to the previously sustained ankle injury:

“It was unrelated to the ankle from this week.”

On specifics of Garrett’s knee injury:

“Do not really know. I will know more in the morning.”

On how disappointing it was to not be able to adapt to the weather conditions:

“I wish we were able to put some drives together there and extended drives, but if you do not possess the ball and you leave the defense on the field that long and they do not get off the field, it is just hard to win. They did a nice job. They earned that victory.”

On if WR Jarvis Landry was evaluated for a concussion late in the fourth quarter and Landry’s status:

“I think he is OK.”

On how much weather affected the gameplan and if the team did not throw it as much as planned:

“I think we talked about that going into this game and doing the things that we felt would move the ball. Obviously, the wind was a consideration, but bottom line, we just did not make enough plays on offense or defense.”

On how disappointing was the Browns’ time of possession:

“Yeah, very disappointing. Time of possession is a great team stat. Offensively, you have to possess it by sustaining drives, making first downs on the third down or finding ways to just get first downs. Obviously, we did not do that on offense. Defensively, I do not know the exact numbers, but they were much better than us on third down and the sustained drives.”

On defensive adjustments the Browns tried to make in run defense to get the Raiders off the field:

“You can play some safeties lower or you can move the front, but we were just getting knocked back so that is something we will look at. Ultimately, we have to stop the run, whether we play shell or single high. They late in that game were running it, we knew that they were running it and we were not able to stop it so that is something that we will look at long and hard to find a way to get better.”

On Landry nearly coming down with two TD receptions:

“I have very high expectations for Jarvis. He has tremendous ball skills. I think he will make those plays. I did not have a loss of any faith whatsoever in him. I think he will always tell you every ball that comes his way, he should catch. That is just his mindset.”

On if Garrett sustained the knee injury in the second quarter when seen going into the injury tent:

“That is when it occurred. I do not have any more information on what caused it or anything like that.”

On if he is optimistic about Garrett’s long-term status since Garrett returned to play after that time:

“Yeah, I think he was able to play, probably did not play as much as he would have liked or we would have liked definitely. Something that we will let the medical staff kind of guide us on that one, pending the MRI we will have more for you.”

On if the bye week is coming at an opportune time for the Browns, given the injuries on the team:

“Anytime you have guys that are injured, they are working very, very hard to get back on the field. We are no different than any other team really in that regard. We will find out if those guys can help us next week.”

On QB Baker Mayfield’s performance today: 

“I thought he handled the conditions pretty well. He made some plays with his feet. We mentioned the drops earlier. That is a team stat in terms of when you are able to get third downs and your pass game requires all 11 people for precision. It was not precise enough, again, scoring only six points.”

On frustration as a play caller when not getting an ideal number of possessions in a game:

“I think it is frustrating for the entire offense when you want the ball, but again, that is a team’s time of possession. I know they possessed it for 38 minutes, but the offense certainly plays into that and the special teams plays into that, as well.”

On comparing the TD calls between WR Jarvis Landry’s, which was overturned, and Raiders WR Hunter Renfrow’s, which stood as called, given they looked similar:

“You are at the mercy of the officials.”

# # #