HC Kevin Stefanski (10.4.20)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

Opening statement: 

“Starting with injuries, (RB) Nick Chubb will get an MRI on that knee. We just do not know [his status]. We will not know until we have that MRI so we will update you on that. (WR) KhaDarel Hodge strained his hamstring in pregame warmup. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens. We were without him, and we will update you once we get the imaging on him, as well. (DT) Larry Ogunjobi was out there with an oblique injury, and again, another MRI and we will know more from there.

“On the game, plus-three turnover margin is huge. Scoring points off of that obviously is huge. Was proud of the team. We knew we were going to have to weather the storm. We went down 14-7 and scored 34 unanswered. Obviously, it got tight there at the end. We knew that that team is very capable of that, and that has been the M.O. of them in this season so we were ready for that. I thought the guys fought their rear ends off for 60 minutes, and we needed all 60 minutes. Good to get a win today, a team went today.”

On the Browns rushing for more than 300 yards despite RB Nick Chubb sustaining an injury early in the game:

“Credit to the players. Had varying run schemes going there. Had different guys toting the rock. I think (offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan does an outstanding job putting the plan together, and all the coaches really contribute to that. Stuck with the plan and had some explosive runs, but credit to the players.”

On WR Odell Beckham Jr.’s TD run in the fourth quarter:

“We needed to move the rock there. We had not done a good job prior to that. It was a play we ran earlier in the ballgame. Figured we would come back to it. It did not look good to start and looked real good to end, but nice job by No. 13.”

On Beckham Jr.’s performance today being an indicator of the continued message that Browns offensive playmakers will have opportunities this season after the reliance on the run game in the first three weeks:

“Yeah, I think so. We are four games into this. We are at the quarter mark. We are finding different ways to win, which I think is important because there are some really good opponents out there and they run different styles of defense. We are going to have to attack them in different ways. Good to see him – he was as productive – the three touchdowns, that that play at the end there, he was making plays all over the field.”

On the Browns’ clock management at the end of the first half:

“Nothing scripted, but we just know with that quarterback (Cowboys QB Dak Prescott) as you saw, you get him in a two-minute drill, he is outstanding. They have weapons. We just did not want to give him the ball back so we just have to be smart knowing how many timeouts we have and knowing when to call timeout and when to clock it just moving the ball. We felt like points were important there because then we could double-dip coming out of halftime, and hopefully, get a nice drive going to start the half.”

On RB Kareem Hunt and CB Denzel Ward producing today despite playing through injuries:

“Guys are pushing through. In the NFL, you are going to have guys with injuries and things that are serious and they are working on in the training room, and then they are pushing to get out in the field and they push to get out there on the practice field just so they can play with their teammates here on Sunday. I think those guys – Kareem and Denzel – are just fighting like crazy. I should point out (RB) D’Ernest Johnson to go in there and play the way he did was very impressive. We need everybody. This is a long NFL football season so we are going to need everybody at some point.”

On Landry’s TD pass to Beckham and how long the team has been waiting to run that trick play:

“We have been repping that for a while, and it has been on that call sheet staring at me, and I have not gotten it called so I told those guys we were not going another week without that thing getting called. Had to get it off the call sheet. We felt like it would be a good one this week versus that defense, and the guys were ready for it. Great execution by really all the guys, but great crow-hop throw by No. 80 and a nice catch by No. 13.”

On how Landry’s TD pass to Beckham developed and if it was part of a potential goal to show the Browns offense was prepared to be aggressive in the game: 

“Just always looking for ways to be explosive early in ball games. That was something that I have had on the tip of my tongue a few other games, and I just did not get it called. I told the guys we were not going to go through another game without that one getting called. I would file it under trying to be aggressive throughout the game.”

On the Browns starting the season 3-1 for the first time in decades: 

“I think it makes sense to break the season up into quarters. Finishing the first quarter 3-1 is well done by the guys, but it is a four-quarter game and it is a four-quarter season. Once we watch the tape and try to get better after this win, the focus goes right back to the next opponent for next week. There is really no time to really spend much time thinking about it.”

On his process as Head Coach from Week 1 compared to now:

“The process has been collaborative. I rely very heavily on the assistant coaches who do an outstanding job, specifically on the offensive side because that is who I am interacting with on gameday quite a bit. I think they are great with suggestions. They really help me. From my perspective, I get a lot of help in this thing.”

On the Browns defense executing against the Cowboys in the first three quarters:

“Just watching the tape of their previous ball games, we knew what he (Prescott) is capable of, even looking a last week there in Seattle. That is an explosive offense and an explosive trigger man at the Q. With any of those drives, you have to make one more play. I thought we did that with those three takeaways. We just have to find a way to make a play and get off the field in those situations. I do want to give them credit. They have a really good offensive attack there, and they have great coaches. Trying to slow them down in any way we can was really the mindset.”

On DE Myles Garrett’s performance today in front of his hometown friends and family, including his third strip-sack in as many games:

He is doing a great job. No. 95 is all over the filed. He is giving us an honest day’s work every time he is out there, playing the run and playing the pass. Really happy for him to be able to do this in his hometown in front of some people who I am sure know him from growing up, friends and family. Very happy for him. We are going to need him. He is our best player there. We expect a lot from him.”

On what Callahan has meant to the Browns and the Browns running game:

“He just does an outstanding job. He gets together with the other coaches and puts a plan together that is sound and that has our best players touching the rock in varying different ways. He is great on gameday for me, I can tell you that. I really, really lean on him heavily. I appreciate everything he brings. Just on a personal level, a good man who is great for me. He is right next to my office so I can pop in there at any time. He is a former head coach so there a lot of things I can bounce off of him. He is doing an outstanding job.”

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