HC Kevin Stefanski (10.2.20)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

On how RB Kareem Hunt looked in his return to practice:

“He looked pretty good. He is working through it. We have to be mindful of what he can do, and we will see over the next couple of hours how he responds.”


On if WR Odell Beckham Jr. is back to normal after being listed on yesterday’s injury report:

“Yeah, he just had an episode, I would say. He practiced full. He is good to go.”


On if he has a feel for if G Joel Bitonio’s and CB Denzel Ward’s will be able to play on Sunday:

“I think they are both pushing through it. We limited their reps today. Kind of make the decision as we get down there.”


On CB Greedy Williams’ return from injury taking longer than potentially expected:

“I do not have that medical degree to really dive into it. We are just trying to take it each day and then learn more information and see how he is feeling. I wish I could explain it in greater detail, other than to say he is doing a great job. He is fighting his butt off to get out there. We are just trying to make sure we are making prudent decisions.”


On if surgery has been ruled out for Williams:

“I could not even speak on it because I do not want to speculate necessarily, but he is doing everything right. He is trying like crazy to get out there.”


On the importance getting off to a fast start against a high-scoring team like the Cowboys, understanding a fast start is always a goal:

“I think it is just always important. We spend a lot of time talking about starting fast. Even out here in practice, that first period you have to go fast and you have to start competing right away. That will always be a focus for us, really regardless of opponent.”


On the Cowboys expecting Cowboys T Tyron Smith to play and the impact Smith could have on the game:

“Like you said, a big impact. A big person. A great player. We have our work cut out for us already, and then you add him, he is a really good football player and has done it for a long time. Obviously, if he can play and he can go, we have to be ready to go.”


On S Ronnie Harrison Jr. helping a stranded driver change a tire last week:

“That was awesome. Proud of Ronnie for doing that. He did not do it looking to get any publicity for it. He did not tell anybody, but the gentleman that he helped out wanted to make it known what Ronnie did and how impactful that was. I think it is awesome. Proud of Ronnie. I think we have a lot of guys here that would do the same. I would stop, but I would not know how to change a tire (laughter).”


On how he was impacted by hearing what Harrison’s kind act:

“I just think we are so mindful of our part in this community and being part of this community in Northeast Ohio. It struck me on the human level how important it is to get out there in the community and help each other out. Again, well done by Ronnie.”


On Harrison returning to practice today:

“Yeah, he is good to go. He was out there practicing.”


On who the Browns punt and kick returners will be on Sunday:

“I do not think we are going to announce it, but we feel good about where we are going.”


On DE Myles Garrett’s leadership and demeanor this season as Garrett prepares for a homecoming game this Sunday:

“I am excited for him going back home like you said. He is a very good football player as evidenced by us wanting him to be here for a very long time. From the minute he has been out there, just his physical skillset out at you, and he has developed, at least from what I have known of Myles. He is a leader of this football team. The guys listen when he speaks. He works hard. I think he leads by example and then he also knows when it is time to lead by speaking up. He has done a great job in that avenue, as well.”


On the Cowboys offense playing fast and if that creates a greater need for the Browns offense to slow it down and control possession more than usual:

“I think you have to be who you are on offense, and that is who they are and they go fast. Similarly, we like to play at a nice clip. While we may not be no-huddle the entire game, you want to make sure that you are playing at the pace that you desire. This week, maybe we will go no-huddle the whole game or maybe we will huddle and wait until there is one second on the play clock. I think you just have to be true to what your gameplan calls for.”


On if the Browns enter a game with an optimal number of possessions in mind:

“I do not think. No, I think you go into it and want to maximize each play and make sure that you are finishing with sevens.”


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