HC Freddie Kitchens conference call with Rams media (9.18.19)

(On what he has seen from QB Baker Mayfield in their first two games and what Mayfield did well in Week 2)
“I think he (QB Baker Mayfield) continues to try to get better with his blitz protections, pick-ups, his eyes and things like that. Working on his feet more. Just overall just trying to get better each and every day.”

(On how he would assess his team through the first two weeks of the season)
“We try to just move on to the next day after each and every game. I think the best thing we’ve done, is we’ve overcome some adversity within our locker room and also after Week 1. We’ve got a bunch of guys that believe in each other and just try to move forward and stay together. Whatever the challenge is, try to live up to it.”

(On similarities and differences between where the Browns are currently and where the Rams were when Head Coach Sean McVay began working with QB Jared Goff)
“(Rams Head Coach) Sean (McVay) is a hell of a coach and (Rams QB) Jared (Goff), he’s developed into a very good quarterback. Just overall, the things that they do to you from an offensive side of the ball, you have to be right with your eyes. Defensively, they’ve got one of the most premiere defensive players in the league with (DT Aaron) Donald. Got good guys on the edge, their linebackers are very active, two good corners. I don’t see very many weaknesses on their team.”

(On if he sees the path for the Browns to become solid contenders like the Rams)
“What we try to focus on is just the next day and worry about the results down the road when you have time to worry about the results. We’re staying focused on each and every day.”

(On what Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr. has added to his offense and to his team)
“(Browns WR) Odell (Beckham Jr.) has a tremendous work ethic that a lot of times he doesn’t get credit for. He’s a smart guy. Then when you put him on the field, he brings a great deal of explosiveness. He can catch the ball and do something, run after catch with the ball and his ball skills is second to none. Just overall, he’s a very, very good football player and we like good football players.”

(On how Browns T Greg Robinson has developed the last few years after starting his career with the Rams and what his cycle has been at the Browns)
“(Browns OT) Greg (Robinson) came in and got thrust into action last year and really accepted the challenge of getting better. He’s continued to try to get better each and every day. He’s a pretty good example of a bunch of guys that we have on the team that just try to worry about the rep that they’re taking at the present time or play that they’re taking at the present time. He keeps working and Greg’s still a young guy, he’s still kind of learning, also. (Offensive Line/Assistant Head Coach) James Campen does a good job with Greg from the standpoint of getting ready to play every week. I see Greg continuing to get better.”

(On what he sees from Rams LB Clay Matthews and OLB Dante Fowler Jr.)
“It causes you problems because you can’t sit there and help on (DT) Aaron (Donald) the whole day. When you’ve got two people with the stature of (OLB Dante) Fowler (Jr.) and (LB Clay) Matthews has. If you sleep on them, they’re going to get to your quarterback. It puts a stress on you upfront and in the backfield.”