HC Freddie Kitchens (10.24.19)

Head Coach Freddie Kitchens:

On if he matched up against Patriots QB Tom Brady in a college bowl game with Alabama:

“We played Michigan, and he was there. I think that was the year – do not hold me to this – that him and (former Michigan and NFL QB Brian) Griese were switching in and out. I had enough problems throwing the ball to (former Michigan and NFL CB) Charles Woodson.”


On if he claims he has a win over Brady:

“No, we won the game, but I do claim throwing it to a Heisman trophy winner, though (laughter). [Woodson] won it the next year.”


On what he admires most about Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick:

“His ability to adapt, his ability to do a tremendous job game planning and anytime you do something for that long and are that successful, it says something about internally your integrity of going to work every day, finishing the day and staying in the moment. I think he exemplifies that.”


On if this game means more because he is going up against Belichick:

“I cherish every Sunday. I have a lot of respect for the coaches in this league, and I have the utmost respect for him, everything he is done and everything he represents. Everybody wants to kind of be like him. I do not know a better football coach in the NFL past, present or future. Think about what they have done. It is unbelievable. You are looking at a quarterback for them who has played in nine Super Bowls. He has played in nine. Half of his career has been spent in the Super Bowl. It is incredible.”


On if he uses film of the Patriots not only to study them but also as a teaching tool for players:

“No because I think you are looking at it from a schematic standpoint of what they are trying to do to opponents and things like that. As far as their attention to detail is always there. You are not that successful without attention to detail. Their consistency on just playing the next play is remarkable. Those things you can definitely see. That is one thing you are always trying to push to get. We will continue to preach it, and our guys are trying hard to get it.”


On what G Drew Forbes showed prior to his injury:

“I thought Drew move around good. He felt good. He moved around good. His knowledge has not suffered. Actually, doing it and having the knowledge are two different things, but he seems like he spent his time on the IR to benefit him from the standpoint of knowing what to do. Now, he is able to go out and play fast and do it.”


On Forbes is primarily a G:

“Yes, right now, but we always try to build versatility within the line because you can’t carry but so many to the game. He does have some tackle ability and he does have some center ability. Some of it is a working progress. Some of it is a little closer to the seeing it in person, per se. He is a hard worker. He is relentless in how he plays, and those are two good attributes.”


On Brady’s ability to support the Patriots OL, particularly with changing personnel over the years:

“It starts with their offensive line coach (Dante Scarnecchia), [who] is one of the best in the league. I think he does a great job of getting those guys to do what they are supposed to do from an assignment standpoint. At the end of the day, the quarterback and the line seem like they are in sync as far as how much time he has. He gets the ball out good. I have always said so much of how a quarterback is able to play – I am sure he would agree with this – is the people around him doing what they are supposed to do and stuff like that. They seem like they are always on the same page from the offensive line standpoint, wide receivers, running backs and everybody – defense, offense and special teams. Just overall. No weaknesses.”


On if he has received responses from Browns OL about potential changes, particularly those whose ‘jobs could be in jeopardy this week’:

“I would like to think that we are self-motivated from the standpoint of wanting to go out and get better each day. I do not know. We will see.”


On if the Browns starting OL is set for Sunday:

“As we speak right now? Yeah, I think so.”


On areas where QB Baker Mayfield has improved since last year:

“I think his understanding of pressures, he has gotten better. His eyes for the most part have gotten better. Playing the quarterback position is a tough position to play in the National Football League. I have always said that it is always going to be evolving. He is always getting better at something. Those are a couple of things that I think he has gotten better at. He just has not got the results yet.”


On if Mayfield’s confidence has remained the same:

“Yeah, his confidence is fine.”


On how CBs Denzel Ward and Greedy Williams look going full-speed in practice:

“They look good. They have looked like they come back out ready to play so we will find out. We need them to play. We need them to play well. We need everybody to play well.”


On why more player-for-player trades are occurring during the middle of the NFL season compared to the past:

“I do not know. In Arizona, we always acquired guys during the season and your job was getting them ready to play. I do not know. I probably would not be a good person to ask that.”


On if it is challenging to get newly acquired players up to speed:

“It is definitely challenging, but they are very equipped to do it there. They have done it before. I am sure they are getting ready to play. Coaches spend a little extra time with guys, and they are ready to play.”


On balancing aggressive play calls against a Patriots defense that has recorded 18 interceptions:

“I think you have to be able to make good decisions, you have to trust the people around you and you go play the game.”


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