G Wyatt Teller (9.27.21)


On how tough it is to face the Bears front seven:

“They are the Monstars. They have everything. They are big. They are strong. They are fast. They are smart guys. They play well. They play hard. Those linebackers are about as good as it gets. Once you get to a certain level of success, you are a good front. We had our work cut out for us from Monday through Saturday and into Sunday. We had to put the work in. We have a great offensive line, a great offensive line coach and a great offense. It was tough to get it started at first and then it started going. Once we got on a roll, it kept on going.”


On recording 215 yards rushing against a formidable Bears defense:

“They do not do that often – they do not give up that many yards. It shows you we stuck to the run. Luckily, our defense was playing out of their mind. Not making excuses, but it really sucked for your (Bears QB Justin Fields) first starting game against those two guys right there with the speed that our defense can bring. Everything is a little quicker when you are going against our defense. In practice and everything like that, they get us right. Another group of Monstars is our defensive line. We have to go against them every day. It is awesome.”


On the Bears registering five sacks and that being a point of emphasis for the Browns offense this week:

“Oh yeah. That is with everything. You know who our offensive line coach is, he (Bill Callahan) does not let the smallest thing go. It is a perfectionist. We were not perfect. We need to get back into the lab and make sure that what the issues were that we were seeing and fix those, if that is communication or if that is setting a certain way. Again, that was a really good defensive line. 215 yards of rushing was the plan. We had to get after them, we had to go and then in pass when we had to get it. We had two fourth downs that ended in sacks, and you are like, ‘What the heck?’ You are blocking your guy, and all of the sudden, everybody eases up and you are like, ‘What is going on? What is going on? Ugh, (QB) Baker (Mayfield)’s jersey is dirty, and Baker’s pants are dirty.’ You never want to see that.”


On T Jedrick Wills Jr. playing through an ankle injury and the message it sends to the team:

“Maturity. When you are young, it is easy to just be like, ‘Alright, I have next game. I have next week. I have this or I have that.’ With the injury he had, it is difficult to push through. You are playing the entire game. A shoulder or an elbow, you can brace that thing up and it is nothing, but when the game is running, especially with these fast defensive fronts that we play in the NFL, it is difficult. It is hard. He is showing resilience. He is showing toughness. A lot of us, it is great to see that out of him. A team-first guy. I love Jed. Again, we all have stuff to learn and we all have stuff to toughen out and get better at, but he is a great guy and he is playing through it.”


On RB Kareem Hunt as a runner and if it ever surprises him to see Hunt gain tough yards:

“He is a great teammate to have to say the least. Sometimes, he will start talking smack to the D line, and you are like, ‘Hey, listen here, buddy. You do not have to block them – I do – so if you could ease up…(laughter).” He is a great teammate. You know he is always going to bring it. I know he had something to prove. He always has a chip on his shoulder. That is how he always runs. That is how he always plays. He is a great teammate to have. If I give him an inch, he will take a mile. That is a good teammate when you are blocking for him.”


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