G Wyatt Teller (9.12.22)


On if the Browns’ formula moving forward is to establish the run, make plays on defense and to make clutch special teams plays, similar to yesterday’s performance:

“I think that is the formula that we have always wanted to portray. Obviously, our defense played really well. There were a handful of plays that changed it or that brought them close. For the most part, the three phases of football working together, complementary football, that is how you win games.”


On RB Nick Chubb’s versatility, agility, power and jump cuts:

“I think I saw a play where he jump-cut 15 times on one play – it was unbelievable (laughter). He is a talented back. He is not the only one back there that is talented. We have multiple players who can play at a very high level, which makes our job easier. You only have to give them a yard or two, and they will squeeze through and score a touchdown. It is an absolute blessing to have those guys behind you. We have to do our job. As an offensive line, we take pride in being able to put rushing yards on the ground and be able to play complementary football with our defense, where if we have 39 minutes of possession or 40 minutes of possession, it is hard to beat a team like that.”


On Chubb and RB Kareem Hunt being on the field together and the potential to use those packages more moving forward:

“We have a two-headed monster back there, and (RB) Jerome (Ford) a three-headed monster. We are able to do things that some teams can’t do. Obviously, (former Browns and free agent FB) Johnny (Stanton IV) was our fullback, and Johnny is not on the team anymore so you are kind of being able to still run the same plays and same personnel with the players we have. Kareem is not afraid of anything. He will run in there and hit anybody. He is basically a fullback who is really fast. He is a good guy to kind of set the block. Both can do it, and that is what is amazing.”


On Chubb jumping over the Browns OL during one play:

“Yeah, that was the one I was talking about where he might have had 15 jump cuts on one play. It is amazing. It seems like time stood still there for a second, and he was just jumping around and jumped over the play. Backside effort because that was just a normal zone. That was not anything special. It was not eye candy or anything crazy. It was just a zone to the right. We had great effort on the backside that kind of pushed those players past that hole to even where if they are on the ground, it gives Nick a chance.”


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