G Wyatt Teller (8.5.22)


On preparing for the season with the uncertainty of QB Deshaun Watson’s availability:

“There is a lot going on obviously. We know what is going on, but we are so focused about what we are doing. You are focused on my footwork and my reach block – there are a lot of things that I am worried on more than that. We have to take what is going on and understand what is happening, and it is what it is.”


On whether the uncertainty of Watson’s availability has been a distraction or how the team has kept it from becoming a distraction:

“It is only a distraction if you turn on the TV and you are listening to it and everything like that. I do not have any social media so I stay away from everything. It has been pretty quiet in my household at least, but I know that it is the talk of the town and there has to be something to talk about. Obviously, it is big, but we are focused so much on what we are doing.”


On if he is eager for a resolution regarding Watson’s availability soon:

“Yeah, of course. Obviously, we want to know what is going on and be done with it. I think that if any team was in that situation, that is what they would want. We have to, again like I said, worry about your individual thing and kind of let that be handled by whoever is in charge of it.”


On QB Jacoby Brissett:

“Jacoby is a great quarterback. He has been here the whole time. He is studying the playbook. He has been learning. He is a talented quarterback. He is a talented quarterback, and I am excited to see what he has.”


On if the Browns offense can still be highly productive with Brissett at QB:

“Yeah, let’s run the ball. I am an offensive lineman – let’s run the ball (laughter). Honestly, I alluded to it, but I am so worried about what is going on in front of me, what backer to block or what D lineman to block, I can’t really worry who is behind me.”


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