G Wyatt Teller (6.16.22)


On if the Browns OL got sufficient work in during the offseason program despite not being in pads:

“Yeah, we definitely got some work in. (Offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan is going to be innovative. If there are rules, he is going to find a way to play by the rules but still get work in. We are moving. I think we have these little pads on the back of our jerseys that tell you how far you have run. We are averaging probably 1,800 yards a practice, given Tuesday when we had our first minicamp practice I think we hit 2,800 yards. He finds a way around it. If we can’t hit each other, he will find a way to get the work in.”


On his first impressions of QB Deshaun Watson: 

“He is an athletic freak. He is hard working. He comes in, and he is professional. He works extremely hard. He is studying. You can tell that he cares about it. I know that he wants to win games, and I am thankful to have him in the backfield.”


On if he feels differently about the Browns after veteran minicamp compared to the past two seasons:

“I have always been proud to be a Brown. I do not think I have ever waived on who this team is or the identity of it. There are a lot of great teams way before us. Going to the Hall of Fame kind of proved it yesterday that there is an identity here, and if you do not match that identity, you do not usually last long.”


On what continuity on offense can do for the Browns:

“It is good. I think we had 11 out of 11 starters come back last year and you saw how that season ended. I am not trying to get morbid here, but I just think you take everything with a grain of salt. I think the work we have put in, a lot of teams are working hard. We have got to come together. We have got to play hard. You have to put your head in front of the defender for your brother. That is just something we have to do. We had all of this hype, love and hoorah last year, and we went below .500. If we can change that, come together, stop listening to the outside noise and just win some games, I think we will be just fine.”


On calling Watson an ‘athletic freak’:

“Have you seen him (laughter)? He is long. He is strong. He is fast. He is smart. When I say ‘athletic freak,’ he is going to be slinging that ball with ease. He is running. He has an arm. He is smart. He has fast feet. It all just has to start coming together.”


On C Nick Harris’ development and what is needed from that position:

“I feel like as an offensive center, you have to be smart, and Nick is smart. This past year, we were just applauding him for gaining 12 pounds of lean mass. He totally changed his body since coming here. Knowing him as a rookie, he has gained 22-25 pounds of lean mass. He has totally transformed his body. Like I said, he is extremely smart. He works hard at his craft. He has some of the fastest feet I have seen at center. I believe in him.”


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