G Justin McCray and S Damarious Randall (10.28.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • G Justin McCray
  • S Damarious Randall


G Justin McCray:

On his performance yesterday:

“Did some good things. A lot of stuff to clean up still but just was not enough to win. I felt comfortable out there.”


On if holding guys accountable is the best way for a team to clean up penalties and if there are other steps needed:

“That is all it is, is holding guys accountable. Guys focusing in more, myself included, and just keep harping on it.”


On the disappointment of penalties eliminating some successes on offense:

“It is disappointing just because we know a lot of bad things that had happened to us are self-inflicted. The only person we can look at for that is ourselves, but we are going to clean it up moving forward.”


On the Browns consistently emphasizing the need to eliminate penalties yet committing 13 yesterday:

“We just have to get better with it. I do not know really how to answer that. Just moving forward, we have to be more focused with it and keep making it a point of emphasis.”


On how well equipped he is to be the left tackle for the rest of the season if asked to fill the role:

“If that is what the Browns need me to be, then I am going to put my best foot forward and try to do that. Every time you go out there, you get a little more confidence, you get more snaps and the more you do something, the better you feel about it. That is just how I am approaching it.”


S Damarious Randall:

On if the Browns can still make a push to accomplish their goals as it gets later in the season:

“Definitely. Our goal is still there. This team knows that. The coaching staff knows that. We all know. Now, we are just to the point where we just set ourselves up to where we do not have that much room for error, which is cool because you want to play your best football down the stretch and that would be a good way with us leading into January football if we can go ahead and get this train moving in the right direction. Just string together seven, eight or nine straight wins, that would be pretty dope.”


On if it is troubling that the Browns are repeating mistakes related to penalties and turnovers at this point in the season:

“I really do not know what is to really say much about that. We just have to fix it, period. They are self-inflicted. They are self-inflicted turnovers and self-inflicted penalties. We just have to play smarter, and we just have to protect the football.”


On how players in general can improve concentration during the course of a season to eliminate self-inflicted mistakes:

“I am not sure. I do not know. I just try to watch as much film as I can and play as clean as I can. I do not how many flags I have in my career, but I do not think that I have more than five in my total career. I just pride myself on playing as clean as possible and just doing whatever I can to help my team win games.”


On not committing many penalties in his career and how other players may be able to develop those habits:

“I am not sure. Just from me looking at, I would just say maybe we can simpler thinks down for guys so that we are not thinking as much. I do not know. I feel like the coaching staff is doing a hell of a  job of trying to minimize the penalties. I feel like we just have to look  ourselves in the mirror and just understand the way the game is being called and  the things that we are committing and the fouls that we are committing, we just got to clean it up, period.”


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