G Joel Bitonio, WR Jarvis Landry and LB Mack Wilson (8.12.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • G Joel Bitonio
  • WR Jarvis Landry
  • LB Mack Wilson


G Joel Bitonio:

On seeing a teammate go down with an injury and be carted off during practice, in reference to DE Chad Thomas:

“It is one of the worst things. Injuries in football are what you fear the most, and to see a guy get carted off, hopefully, it is all precautionary stuff and he is doing OK. I saw him moving and I saw him standing after the play, and I think he went down after that. Hopefully, it is just precautionary and he is doing alright, but they just want to take every measure. It is tough to finish a practice after you see that.”


On the relief learning Thomas has feeling in his extremities after being carted off the practice field:

“It is good. Like I said, we kind of saw him moving around out there so we were hoping it wasn’t too serious, but anytime they bring the stretcher out and put someone down, it is great to hear that he is moving and they are just doing extra steps now to make sure he is OK.”


On how difficult it is as a player to resume practice after seeing a teammate injured:

“He is one of your guys. Unfortunately, it happens in games and you just kind of pick it back up. It is never easy, but we try to get some more good plays in, try to get some more good periods in and just finish the best we could.”


On if he ever has to talk to himself after witnessing an injury on the field:
“Yeah, you say a little prayer for Chad and wish him the best, and then you go out there and do your fundamentals and play the game the right way so you are taking care of yourself as well out there.”


On his relationship with Colts G Quenton Nelson:

“We met at the Pro Bowl. He is a good guy. He is a lineman at heart. He is funny. He is easy going. It is just the lineman way. He fits in well with other linemen, but he plays mean. He is a good player. It was fun to watch him a little bit last year.”


WR Jarvis Landry:

On if he wants to play in the preseason game against the Colts or if the joint practices are enough to prepare:

“We will see as far as what the plan is for that, the week and the game next Saturday. Obviously, we are going to get great work throughout the week going against those guys. We will see.”


On if he participated in joint practices while with the Dolphins and what they do for him as a player:

“Yes. Obviously, it is always good to go against an opponent, somebody different than the guys you see. A lot of NFL receivers, the (Browns) DBs know our routes, our splits and stuff like that so it is good to go against the people that have not seen it before and be able to execute. It is good. They were playoff contenders too last year so it will be good.”


On if joint practices help test the players as they go up against new opposition:

“No question. No question. Obviously, we are going over there to compete, to take care of each other, to take care of both sides, their guys and our guys, but we are coming to compete.”


On the Browns successful opening drive against the Redskins and what that says about the Browns offense’s potential and improvements from last year:

“I think we did a lot of great things last year. I think that shows other guys can step it when need be and make plays. Hig (WR Rashard Higgins) did a heck of a job. Trell (RB Dontrell Hilliard) did an awesome job, I think he caught two passes back to back out of the backfield that really extended the drive on second down and third down. It shows you that other guys can make plays, and that is what we want to see.”


LB Mack Wilson:

On if he is now disappointed if he doesn’t get an INT in practice, given the number he has had in consecutive sessions:

“Sometimes, I am (laughter). Sometimes, (WR) Odell (Beckham Jr.) will come up to me and say, ‘Are you not practicing today?’ I guess that basically means I am not doing enough if I didn’t catch an interception. No, not really. I wouldn’t get mad because I just continue to try to do my job as best as I can. When the ball comes near me, I try to make a play on it, but I’m not just out there like I’m trying to catch an interception every play.”


On his first impressions of LB Sione Takitaki:

“Basically the energy that I had from when I first met him, he was a guy who was always energetic. He has a great personality. He kind of got out of his comfort zone really quick when we met. We linked up really quickly. I was able to know that I am gaining a brother. It is fun hanging around Taki because of what he brings and the excitement he brings when he is around you.”


On what he has picked up during training camp, given his recent splash plays:

“I have picked up on the speed of the game, learning my plays, as well. Interceptions come when you are doing your job, and I feel like I have been in great position. When the ball gets thrown, I have been able to break on it and make a play or I am running to the ball, a tipped ball happened and I was able to catch it. I just try my best to do my job, make sure everybody else is lined up around and make sure we execute.”


On how he and Takitaki have been challenged to improve during training camp:

“(Run game coordinator/linebackers) Coach (Al) Holcomb and Coach (defensive coordinator Steve) Wilks put in a new defensive scheme so they have kind of challenged all of the linebackers to try to be consistent. They throw a lot at us with the plays and things, and all of us are learning. It is just all about trying to be consistent and stay in your playbook because all of us are new to it. The vets have a month ahead of time on us with the playbook so they are kind of comfortable with it, and the younger guys are getting comfortable with it. They challenge all of us to be consistent, play fast, play downhill and be physical. He wants everybody to try to learn all three linebacker spots because you never know what could happen.”


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