G Joel Bitonio, CB T.J. Carrie, G Justin McCray and LB Mack Wilson (10.21.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • G Joel Bitonio
  • CB T.J. Carrie
  • G Justin McCray
  • LB Mack Wilson


G Joel Bitonio:

On RB Kareem Hunt returning to practice:

“It was really cool. I know he has tried to work his tail off to get back and be healthy for us. Now I know he is a couple of weeks where he is going to figure it out, but it was cool. He did most of the scout team stuff today, and he had some good runs and some nice cuts. It was really just good to see him back out there and working.”


On challenges switching positions on the OL:

“It is tough for sure, but I think that is what makes those guys valuable – the guys that can play every position because you hear coming out like, ‘Oh, this guy can play all five positions,’ but can he mentally handle that? A guy like (G Justin) McCray has been in the league now for three years, but he is a little bit older. He spent some time in the Arena League and stuff. He is kind of used to playing a bunch of positions, and it has been good for him to fill in on all the spots. It makes you a more valuable piece for the team.”


On if playing with different people at LT or C significantly impacts his play:

“Not really. I am pretty used to it and you get a lot of reps with the guys just throughout individual and thorough all different times. Obviously, I think 100 percent you would want the same guy next to you the whole time, but if things have to change, that is what it is.”


On how hard is it to potentially make two changes on the OL:

“Yeah, you see injuries all the time. Luckily, the last few years, we have been pretty injury free besides (former Browns LT) Joe (Thomas) going down a few years ago. It is one of those things where you adapt to it. You hear coaches all the time say that we want to put out best five guys out there. If they feel like they have a good five guys, then that is who we are going to roll with.”


CB T.J. Carrie:

On Patriots QB Tom Brady as an athlete:

“He is a great athlete. People think that just because ‘he can’t run’ – Tom will run. He will tuck it an run. Those are the unexpected first downs that you give up that you hate because you do not account for them most of the time.”


On if he remembers growing up watching in the NFL when Brady was not playing:

“No, I do not. Him and a lot of great, great quarterbacks have done it for a very high, long level. Playing him is definitely is going to a feat.”


On if he could see himself playing at age 42:

“No, I do not think I can see myself doing that. I think that day and age now where now guys are playing 15-plus years are long over. You probably get one or two guys in the league that are able to do something like that. It just shows the ability he has to continue to keep his body healthy and fresh.”


On if playing Brady feels like an honor or creates a special game, outside of the standard of wanting to win:

“No, it is another regular game. You just know that you are playing against one of the guys that is considered to be the best in this league for a long time in its history. For those feats, you go out there and you still can execute and be able to go out there and be victorious.”


G Justin McCray:

On his best position on the OL:

“I guess naturally at guard, but I feel pretty comfortable pretty much everywhere as long as I get some reps during the week at it.”


On if it is hard to adjust when asked to play multiple positions on the Browns OL:

“No, ever since I was in Green Bay, that is something that they asked me to there with (Browns offensive line coach James) Campen and (Browns assistant offensive line coach Jeff) Blasko, as well. I just sort of got used to the role, and wherever they asked me to play that is usually what I go out and do.”


On if having Campen on the staff is beneficial for him, given their time together in Green Bay:

“Yeah, he knows me and I know him well. It is easy to play for a coach like Camp. Anything he asks me to do, I am going to go out there and do it to the best of my ability.”


On how much it helps knowing Browns coaches like Campen and Blasko and players trust him due to his experience at multiple positions:

“It helps a lot honestly just coming into a new place. I have been here a couple of weeks now, but anywhere they asked me to go, they believe in, they voiced that they believe in me and I can feel that in the room so that is always good.”


On if he was informed last week he would move positions on the Browns OL:

“No, not at all. There is nothing really there yet. I have just been doing a couple of reps there. I have been doing that pretty much  since I have been here. I played some center and stuff today too as well.”


LB Mack Wilson:

On his first games as starting LB:

“I feel like I have been playing fairly well. There is a lot of room for improvement, obviously. It is just me adjusting to the speed of the game and just basically knowing in my head that I am playing a great team every week. It is not something I went through in college at Bama. I played in big games, but you are playing an LSU or Clemson like every week so therefore I have to put it in my mind that it is a great team each week with great players. Obviously, they would not be here if they were not good. I feel like I have been doing pretty good. I just have to continue to get better each week.”


On if he has become accustomed to mentally preparing for a strong opponent each week:

“Yeah, it has gotten normal for me. I try my best to get up here early 6 o’clock every morning. I try to get an extra 30 minutes to an hour with Esco (defensive quality control coach Alonso Escalante) to kind of go over the plays, watch film on the other team and things like that to kind of keep my ahead in the game. I feel like that helps me out a lot because at this level, it is all about doing your job and paying attention to the details. If you do not do your job, you lose your job so therefore, I have to make sure I am on top of my game and just continue to learn as much as I can while I am a rookie.”


On if he was surprised by the amount of film and studying he has had to do in the NFL, given many rookies experience that:

“No, not at all. When I was in college, I remember to this day, (Alabama defensive coordinator/inside linebackers coach) Pete Golding was my position coach, and we played Arkansas and I had a bad game. I asked my coach, I was like, ‘What do you think I should do?’ and he was just like, ‘You should start watching film more.’ It was Week 4 or Week 5 maybe, and ever since then, I always watched extra film with him and I feel like that translates to me today. It is not anything new. It is something I have been doing since college. It helps. It really helps. It helps you pay attention to tendencies throughout the game, and it is easy and you play faster.”


On turnovers being an emphasis on defense and if he is anxious to create turnovers;

“Yes, of course. Like my coaches always say, I have a nose for the ball. I just somehow seem to be in the right place at the right time. Yeah, I definitely want one bad. I have been itching to get the one back from the Rams. Hopefully, I will get a chance to go out on Sunday and get one.”


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