G Joel Bitonio and RB Kareem Hunt (12.27.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • G Joel Bitonio
  • RB Kareem Hunt


G Joel Bitonio:

On if he has talked to WR Odell Beckham Jr. today about his illness:

“I have not talked to him. He was sick. I know we kind of have a couple of guys sick this week. I am sure when you are around a bunch of guys in a locker room stuff like that gets around. I have not talked to him. I just realized he was sick when he was not in the team meeting so I have not had a real chance to reach out.”


On Beckham potentially reaching 1,000 receiving yards this season is on his mind, given QB Baker Mayfield said he wants Beckham to surpass the mark:

“It is one of those things that you might think about it or you might hear about it and you see something but once you get out in the game for me at least, it is playing my best game possible. I know we have some stats guys are chasing and (RB) Nick Chubb is trying to be leading rusher and all those things. I just want us to play a good game of football and get a win.”


On if it is hard to envision Beckham potentially missing the season finale due to illness after playing through injury this year:

“You never know how sick you are – you have been sick where you can’t move before and that is tough to do. You are traveling down there. It is tough. He has really toughed it out this year. I know he has been banged up and we will see. We have 48 hours or so before kickoff. We will see what he can and see if he can get healthy.”


On playing the season finale with a sense of uncertainty for the future:

“It is tough. You want to play better where you are not uncertain and you are thinking about the playoffs, you are thinking about the division or you are thinking about a Wild Card game – all those things where you want to be in those positions. I think since I have been here, it has been in decision at the end of year, you have something going on and it is tough. I think if we want to show our true heart of the team, how are we going to rally? How are we going to play in this last game? I try to tell the guys there is a pride and there is a sense of urgency that you have to have on a week-to-week basis. I have been in seasons we were out of [playoff contention] by Week 10, Week 9. How do you perform on those games? Do you come out and do you play your best? That is the true players, the true guys you want to have around for the long haul. It is one of those things that you stress during the week and try and see what you can do as a team.”


RB Kareem Hunt:

On assessing his season since returning from suspension:

“It was a quick season for me. I feel like I only played half a season so it went alright, I guess.”


On if this season gives him more hunger for next season:

“Yeah, definitely. I will be back for a full season and can’t wait for it. I will be happy to be a part of every game.”


On how important is it for the Browns to win the final game, reach seven wins and match last year’s win total:

“It is very important. It will give us some momentum going into the offseason.”


On not taking the Bengals lightly despite their record, particularly given their previous matchup:

“No doubt. They are going to come and play hard. They are going to play hard until the clock hits 0:00. You saw last game, they had a real tight one. Those guys can play, and they are going to play hard.”


On if it is tough to get ready and excited for the season finale knowing there is no chance to make the playoffs:

“It is tough, but if you love the game of football, you are always going to want to go out there and win every game or every time you line up against somebody else.”


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