G Joel Bitonio (9.8.22)


On if he specifically requested his same locker as past years:

“No, I think it just worked out that way. I have been on this wall for a little bit now. I was here with the old locker room with you guys. It definitely had some changes.”


On how the Browns offense is coming together:

“I think we are moving in the right direction. I know we had that last preseason game, but then last week, we had a bunch of time to practice against our defense and get a lot of those money down, situational football and really work out some of the kinks and try and get into game mode. So far last week and this week, I think we have been moving in the right direction. I think you are seeing everybody out on the field now and everybody is kind of getting healthy, and our offense and what we are going to have. I think we are moving in the right direction. I am excited to kind of see us play on Sunday.”


On WR Amari Cooper stating to expect fireworks from the Browns offense this season:

“Yeah, I do not know what fireworks (laughter), but I think we can see something. I am excited. I know we have a lot of weapons that we can distribute the ball to, and I am excited to see how it kind of works out and how we distribute it.”


On where winning a season opener ranks on his bucket list, given the team’s record in season openers during his career:

“Right now, it is huge. It is our next game so it would be great to win this game. I know I have not won one since I have been here so it would be huge. To be cliché, (Head) Coach (Kevin) Stefanski  always talks about going 1-0, and that is our next opponent right now is the Panthers. We are trying to win this game. I think afterwards you can think back and look at it, but right now, it is like let’s just get this Week 1 win.”


On if it is confounding how much of a challenge it has been for the Browns to win a season opener during his career and since 1999:

“There were a few years where we were really bad so that is part of it. I feel like last year, came out and we played pretty well. It did not work out for us. I think there have definitely been some moments. My first one ever, we were down like 28-3 or 27 at halftime, we came back and then they hit a field goal to win it. We have been in ones and then we have laid some eggs, too. It is part of it, but I do not think any of that really matters anymore. It is a new team, it is new players and we are excited for the challenge this week.”


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