G Joel Bitonio (9.16.21)


On the Browns sustaining injuries at T:

“It is the first game of the season. You play football, you play 60 plays and things happen. I know we are preparing, and we will have five guys out there ready to roll.”


On if he has been working on his LT skills:

“I have been keeping it at left guard so far, but we will see.”


On evaluating his Week 1 performance:

“It was a good start. It felt good. I felt the offense did a lot of good things out there. I think we ran the ball really well. We were really efficient. We had maybe two drives there that we wanted back as a group. If those two drives go different, maybe we change the outcome of the game. I thought the group played really well for the first game. Especially with (offensive coordinator) Coach (Bill) Callahan, there is always stuff to improve on. It felt good to get out there and play the first game this year.”


On challenges presented by the Texans DL:

“First and foremost, you watch them on tape, and they just play really hard. Those guys are really active. Jacksonville threw the ball like 50 times or something like that so they had a lot of pass rushes and a lot of games up front. They move quite a bit. They might not have the biggest guys up front, but they move, and they get out of gaps and stuff like that. They change gaps on you so it is a tough challenge for sure, but I think the main thing you take away is how hard they play and they never really give up on a play.”


On Texans QB Tyrod Taylor as a former teammate and the impact Taylor had on the Browns:

“He was a great teammate. He was a leader from the day he stepped here. I think his work ethic was something that I took away from him. Every day, I think he was the first one in the weight room doing something trying to get his body better or his mind better. To see that as a guy who has been around a bunch of teams like himself, he comes in as the same guy all the time, and I am sure he is doing that in Houston. He has a job there. They are 1-0. It will be good to say hi to him. I do not keep up with him that much, but it is always good to see him have success.”