G Joel Bitonio (9.15.22)


On All-Pro Browns T Joe Thomas being inducted as a Browns Legend this weekend and if that makes him feel old:

“Yeah, a little bit older. I was talking to (K) Cade (York) the other day, and he was like, ‘I graduated high school in 2019.’ That made me feel old because I was ’09 so that was a 10-year difference there. It is a great honor for Joe. He deserves every honor coming his way. It does age you a little bit.”


On the Browns running and throwing out of formations that included G Michael Dunn as an extra OL last week and if the Browns may do that more moving forward or use a third TE:

“I think it is a week-to-week thing. I think they just knew Michael was around. He is a smart guy and knows the offense. He can play a little tight end if he needs to. It gives an extra blocker on the field and gives us some more options. We will kind of see how much we can put that out there in the future.”


On his strongest memory playing with Thomas:

“Just his consistency week in and week out. I think that is the trait of a great O lineman is can you be the same guy pretty much week in and week out. Everybody has a couple of bad plays here or there, but he was just so consistent in what he did. I do remember my rookie year, I think we were playing the Colts, and he had made a call but something on the backside there was another call. I had been like, ‘Oh no, we have to change it to this.’ Obviously, he was right, but I tried to correct him mid-play, and I remember after the play he let me have it a little bit. I was like, ‘Alright, I won’t question Joe Thomas anymore on what call to make.’”


On the Browns running formations with both RBs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt on the field and if those packages can expand moving forward:

“I think they are both super-talented guys. We have a bunch of offensive weapons. If we can get them on the field at the same time and if they are both playing running back, one playing in the slot or one playing as almost a tight end or wing-back type thing, if we can get those guys as many touches as possible, I think that is a key to our success this year. We will see if we have some more formations this week and see what they can do together.”


On the NY Jets run defense performing well last week and if that is ‘the challenge of the game’:

“It is a huge challenge. I thought their defense besides a couple of deep passes played really well. They are active. They have a really strong front seven, and they rotate guys so they are always fresh. They have like nine or 10 guys who play on the D line. It is definitely going to be a challenge. They are kind of similar to our defense. They have similar coaches in that sense and kind of the same scheme. There are a couple of nuances that we have to be ready for. That is the key right there is that they have a great front seven so we have to bring our lunch pail and be ready to work.”


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