G Joel Bitonio (9.13.20)

G Joel Bitonio:

On disappointment in the loss and if changes to the offseason and training camp impacted the team’s performance:

“Baltimore was the better team today. They beat us in every facet of the game. We just did not have it today. It is hard to tell because we are never going to get that offseason back so we will see how we go. Obviously, we want to take things from this game and try to improve from it. We have a short week, but we are going to learn what we can in the short amount of time, come back and work for the next three days and try to get ready for Thursday night.”

On the team’s confidence it can rebound and be ready for the Thursday night game:

“I am confident. It was our first time out there in real action. I think we are going to improve, and we have to improve. That is the goal each and every week. I think there were some positives that we saw. We have to watch the tape to make sure. Each and every day, we have to pick something as an offense and as individuals to pick something to improve and to try and just be better for Thursday. I do think we have the right guys and the right mindset that we are going to ready to go on Thursday.”

On losing momentum at the end of the first half:

“We felt like we kind of got into a little rhythm there. We scored the touchdown and we had a chance to get some points on the board before half. Unfortunately, we did not make the field goal and they went down and scored. That is a momentum killer. We did not get the ball at halftime. They got the ball. It was just one of those things where it was tough and it was a tough stretch in the game. We are confident that we had the right plays to play well, but we did not execute in the second half.”

On Ravens DE Calais Campbell’s impact on the game:

“He is a great player. He is an All-Pro. He got his hands on a few balls. It is tough to deal with when he is 6-8 or 6-9 because even if you block him at the line of scrimmage, he has a chance to get his hands up on the play, and those are drive killers. We have to get his hands down next time, but he is a good player. They traded for him, and he has done it well for a long time. He is definitely someone you have to ID up there, and we have to find a way to chop him down a little bit.”

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