G Joel Bitonio (8.25.21)

On if the Browns starters are playing this week:

“We do not really know yet. We are going through a normal week of practice, and we are going to kind of feel it out I think. We are trying to get in the mentality of the regular season now – Wednesday install and all of those type of things. We are trying to get more of a normal week, but we still have some camp elements to it so we can compete a little bit of one versus ones and stuff like that in practice.”


On if he wants to play this week:

“Whatever the coach wants. I feel like I have played a long time in this league where I am ready to go when they call my name. I have played in the preseason before. I have been hurt and not played in the preseason before. I have had experience with both. I feel like I am ready. (Head) Coach (Kevin) Stefanski and (Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager) Andrew Berry, they are all smart guys. They are going to do what they need to do and have us ready to go.”


On if past coaches have previously asked Browns players if they want to play in preseason games:

“I have never been asked that. Maybe certain guys. Maybe certain positions. Me personally, usually the linemen if your quarterback plays, you are playing type of thing. That is kind of how it goes.”


On how ready the team is right now in preparation for Week 1:

“I think the New York Giants week last week was a good week. You had some talented players and a good defense honestly for our offense to go against. They are a little different front than we are used to in training camp. I think we are getting close. We still have a few weeks left so we have some time to iron out the kinks, but we are getting there. I think we are starting to see more people on the offense and guys are coming back on defense from tiny bang-ups and stuff. I think we are getting close. Obviously, we are going to use all of the time we have to get ready, though.”


On if training camp was too long this year and if it felt elongated this year compared to past years:

“It is hard to say. I know they have done a good job of… Even when they do not give guys a day off, yesterday was not an intense practice. They have done it where you have some intense days, you have some easier days and you kind of ramp it up. I know we have tons of sports scientists and everything telling us how we are supposed to get our bodies right. Football is one of those things, no matter how much I run personally in the season, until you start getting those five or six plays in a row on the practice field, you do not really start getting into football shape. You do need a little bit of time to get into football shape.”


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