G Joel Bitonio (8.24.22)


On where he learned the cannonball that was featured in a drone video of the CrossCountry Mortgage Campus at the beginning of training camp:

“Being a bigger guy, a lot of people usually ask for the cannonball (laughter). Honestly, the splash was not so much, but it was just like a diver – in prime position, no splash at all. That was more impressive to me than a big splash.”


On if anything is different about this training camp compared to previous years and if the team has accomplished what was hoped during training camp ahead of the 2022 season:

“I think we are doing good. I think it has been really competitive. I think they have done a good job of ramping us up when we needed to and kind of giving us some days to recover here and there. It has been good. It is different now that we have three preseason games because we still have that whole extra week after this game to kind of keep working and keep getting better. We still have 19, 18 days before the first game and a few weeks of practice so we can keep improving in that sense.”


On if it is odd that QB Jacoby Brissett is currently the only Browns QB who has not played in a preseason game yet:

“No, I don’t think so. If you look at a lot of teams, some teams like the Chiefs, they play everybody; some teams, I think the Rams don’t play anybody. I think it is just Coach’s (Head Coach Kevin Stefanski) preference. I know he has a plan this week. I am not exactly sure what it is. I know everybody is preparing to play this week. We will see how that goes for this preseason game.”


On if Stefanski has shared the plan about QB playing time for this upcoming game with the team:

“No. We know that Jacoby is the starter, and I think he is planning on preparing this week to play.”


On preseason rankings listing G Wyatt Teller and him as the league’s No. 1 G tandem:

“I think that is a cool ranking, but I think we also have to go out and prove it. Anytime really that I have gotten recognition or we have gotten recognition as a group, I think the first thing in my mind is like, ‘Well, we have to prove this now. We have to show the world that we can be the best guard unit in the league.’ It is something we strive for. Every day in practice we talk about pushing each other, pushing the group and just trying to take that next step because especially O line play, there is always something you can improve.”


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