G Joel Bitonio (12.9.21)

On how the Browns can improve the running game from the first matchup with the Ravens:

“It starts with execution and making sure the 11 guys on the field are on the same page. Then it comes down to you winning your one on ones. They did a good job of sending backers through and really compressing the box, but I think we have a good plan to counter some of those with adjustments.”


On the challenges when trying to identify blocking schemes when teams like the Ravens bring multiple people to the line of scrimmage and then either bail out or bring pressure from different sides:

“It is tough. There were a few times where the alignments were a little bit off and we were off a guy and one less guy to block. In those situations, you have to try and make the best of it and to get three or four yards and get yourself on track because the Ravens do a great job when you are third-and-six or third-and-seven-plus. It is hard to convert on those because they have so many different pressures. For us, there might be a couple of ugly runs, but we have to get the most out of those and try to put us in formations where we are not going to have too many ugly boxes and we have answers for everything they can do.”


On if he watched the Steelers-Ravens game during the bye week:

“Yeah, I watched the second half of it, and we have already watched the Pittsburgh offense against the Ravens defense.”


On the Steelers’ commitment to the run paying off at the end of the game:

“They did a good job, especially in the fourth quarter. They just kind of were OK with the two or three-yard runs early in the game, and then they broke a couple late in the game. It was not the prettiest, but they did have some body punches, and they ran the ball a bunch of times. I think (Steelers RB) Najee (Harris) almost had 100 yards rushing. It was a good performance. It was really gritty by them. They fought for that. We saw that and we noticed it. It is something that we are going to try and figure out ourselves.”


On leading NFL Gs in Pro Bowl fan votes and potentially earning Pro Bowl honors again this year:

“We are really focused on the Ravens right now. It is always an honor to be mentioned in that, and it is pretty cool. I think we have a lot of deserving  guys who have played well this year, but as a team, we want to play better. That is our main goal right now is to try to find a way to win this week.”