G Joel Bitonio (12.29.22)


On if he can handle the 60-degree temperature swing this week compared to last week:

“I think so (laughter). I am sure it is going to feel balmy. It is going to be a little warm out there for us. I will admit last week was cold. That was a very cold game. I think we will look forward to that 60-degree weather.”


On if the Browns offense expects to score more points this week in QB Deshaun Watson’s fifth start and improved weather conditions:

“We certainly hope so. As a group, I think we haven’t performed up to what we want to perform. Obviously, last week was a little different with the freezing temperatures and things like that. I think the more he plays and the more he gets comfortable with us and the more we get comfortable with him. We have a lot of respect for the Commanders and their defense, especially their front guys. All very talented players. It will be a good test for us, but the elements should be less in play this week for sure.”


On Commanders DE Chase Young returning from injury:

“I think he got like 30 snaps or something last week. Batted a ball. Had a couple of good inside moves. He was playing against (49ers T) Trent (Williams) a couple of times. Had a couple of good inside moves on him. He looks physically strong to me. He had a lot of time to train and get big. He has always been kind of a freak of nature. He adds another element. That is their fourth first-rounder up there, and they are all really playing at a high level right now. The other three guys are playing at a high level so to bring him into the mix, that is four guys you have to account for. It helps them. They don’t have to pressure as much with other positions. They can rush four and get home. I think they are one of the lower teams on blitz rate but higher teams on pressure rate in the league. That is a standard for success when you play defense.”


On if Young looks similar on film now compared to 2020 when playing the Browns:

“It was his first game back so I think he was still getting used to it a little bit, but you can tell the physical tools are there. I remember even when we played him, he was still learning. I think it was maybe his third game of his career or something, maybe second actually, but still learning how to play in the NFL. I think there is always a [transition], but you could tell he is strong and he is athletic. There is a reason he was the second pick in the draft.”


On where Commanders DTs Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen rank among DT duos in the league:

“I think it right up there. Probably the No. 1 duo in the league. They both have I think 7.5 and 9.5 sacks. They play the run well.”


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